Monday, December 12, 2011

Still Waiting.

Carter has been home almost one month.  That is so incredible to me.  Some days, it seems like he's been here for 3 years.  Other days, it seems like Ukraine is right outside our window.

While Carter has enjoyed family meals, snuggle time before bed, lots of tickling & wrestling....well - his friends are still in their orphanage.  They're still in the same bed.  They're eating the same food.  They're using the same potty chairs.  While our Carter boy has moved on - they have not.

They are still waiting.

Robert is still waiting.  Nadine is still waiting.  Orion, Robert, and Chandler are still waiting.






We've been adjusting to doggies, new foods, and having a mommy and daddy.  And these kids are still there.  This week, they watched yet another friend, 'Lucy', meet her mommy and daddy.

And they have to be wondering 'why her?' - and 'when will it be my turn?'.

Because they're still waiting.

And as you and I sit around our Christmas tree in a few weeks, and enjoy watching our kids rip open gifts - as we take our kids outside for the first big snowfall of the year - as we tuck our babies in their bed tonight - THESE KIDS ARE STILL WAITING.

I don't know about you - but I feel somewhat helpless.  I can't go back.  I can't hug them.  I can't be there to love them while they wait.  And neither can you.

But you can pray.  And you can SHARE.  Yes, share.  Share this blog post, share their profiles from - share on your Facebook, on your blog, thru Twitter.  Share it.  

I know - you're thinking 'I don't know anyone who wants to adopt right now...'.  HA.  I laugh at that - because ONE YEAR AGO, Jake and I weren't planning on adopting.  If you had asked our friends, they would have laughed at you!  Jake and Ash?  Adopt?

One year ago, Carter was not a part of our plans.  And today - right now - he is upstairs watching Sports Center with Jake (yes, he really sits and watches it...!).  One year ago - Carter was listed as 'Antonio' on Reece's Rainbow.  Today, he knows that he is Carter Benjamin.  One year ago - 'Antonio' was available for adoption.  Today, he is listed under the 'Already Home' page.  Seeing that today brought tears to my eyes.  It's the same boy - but with a new life.  A hope.  A future.

So - do NOT tell me that you don't know anyone who wants to adopt.  The truth is - you just might.  And when you share these faces - you really, honestly, NEVER know who may come forward.

You do NOT know who might say 'oh - that Nadine!  I think she's ours!'  or 'Look at that sweet Chandler...he looks like he belongs in our family!'.

These kids NEED homes.  And when you pray - when you share - well, their forever family just might be thanking YOU, one year from now.

One Thing I Know For Sure:  You just never know.  Share, friends.  Share as if your life depends on it.  Because THEIR lives do depend on it.


  1. Oh my goodness! I just came upon your blog from the "Already Home" part of RR and just saw your picture of Robert! I am Robert's Christmas Warrior! Did you get to meet him? If so what is he like? How big is he? Is he a cuddle bug? I am enamored by the little guy from the pictures I have! Please feel free to email me at: snb1s (at) aol (dot)com
    God Bless,

  2. Great post Ashley and good reminder to remember God has the plan....not me! We never do know who He will call to adopt.

  3. Encourage others to buy kids!! And beg for .$$$ online if they cannot afford to do so. Fund corruption! Child trafficking!! Ends justifies the means-ness!! Disruptions (within six months; wonder if YOUR kiddo will last that pong in your fam) and murders by the ever-so-well screened families of RR!!


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