Friday, December 09, 2011

Powdered Sugar & Other Randoms

Carter seems to have found a new toy.  He was digging around in the pantry while I was making dinner....and what he found is really my new best friend.

Meet powdered sugar container.

 Cranky?  Grab the powdered sugar.  Into everything?  Time for powdered sugar.  Life saver, really.

Carter likes his toys...sometimes.  But like any true toddler - he's all about playing with random, meaningless things.

It's the simple things, for sure.


Last night we took Carter to my grandparent's house to meet some special people.  My grandparents have some really amazing friends - and several of them have been following our journey with great anticipation.  Last night, Carter got to meet some of these sweet people.  It just warmed my heart to know that Carter has been loved by them.  They've anxiously awaited his arrival.  And to see them interact with him was really, really special.

The questions were many, and I loved answering each one.  It feels like the more we talk about his experience and culture, the closer it brings us to those things.  It feels like it brings us closer to his past....which we'll never really get to experience.


Carter's eating skills have really been progressing.  He went from eating only mashed mushy foods about 3 weeks ago, to now being able to eat just about any texture.  He knows how to chew, move the food to the back of his mouth, and swallow it down - and he does it well, people!  His favorite activity is eating - and if you're not sure, he'll let you know by constantly signing 'eat'!

We were having fun watching Carter enjoy mow down a cracker the other night....thought you'd enjoy it, too!!

See - I'm telling you - he's serious about his food, people!


When he's not making friends with household baking items, or shoving crackers in his mouth, he's mommy's perfect little organizer.  The other morning, he thought the diaper drawer needed a good clean up.

Sorry, bud - the diaper drawer just is not mommy's priority right now :)


The other night, we had a little girls night here at the Gibson house :)  Jake (and his sweet brother, Ben) headed up to the bedroom for the night....they were watching some big game...or something.  And the house was overtaken with ladies :)

Some girlies brought over pizza and a movie - and we had way too much fun.  Can I just say - there is something really special about watching your friends love your child.  It was so sweet seeing them hug him up, and chatter about how adorable he is.  

Because, he is pretty adorable :)

And of course, Carter just soaked it right up.  He was his 'best' self....and he put on a great, giggly, cheery, happy little show.

These sneaky girls have been working on something for me since before we left on our first trip to Ukraine.  They knew I wouldn't have time to do this when I got they did all the hard stuff!

They made a beautiful scrapbook - totally personalized with pages that say 'Moses & Me!' and 'Me & Uncle Ben!'. incredibly sweet.

It was so good to just laugh about ridiculous things.  Be silly.  Chat.  Say things like 'oh my GOSH...are you SERIOUS?!'.  

Because that's what girls do on girls night.


Carter & I visited my old classroom this week.  Of course, he did great.  I loved hugging up all those kids...and really, if I'm being honest - I'd tell you that I've missed each and every one of them.  Being a preschool teacher puts you in a very unique position - because you know that every single day, you're impacting each little life for the better.  Every.Single.Day.  It's a special job, for sure.  And there are definitely days that I miss it.  

He was happy in the 4 year old room...but he was at home with the older toddlers.  Those kids that are almost 2 are definitely the most 'like him'.  They played the same - they walked waddled the same - and those toys are the ones that caught Carter's eye.  

But he's NOT an 'almost two year old'.  Actually, he's almost FOUR.  

And am I going to let that bother me?  Heck, no.  Because our boy still has lots of flourishing to do. And he'll get there.  Not today, not tomorrow, but he'll get there when the time is right.   

And until then, we'll love him right where he's at.  


Really - the weekend is almost over?!  Unbelievable.  Busy week ahead of us - which makes me want to spend tomorrow curled up under a blanket, house lit up in Christmasy wonder, eating gingerbread cookies and watching movies like White Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street.  

Somehow - with a Packer game on at 3:15 - I don't think my afternoon will look at ALL like I imagined.  It's tough sometimes, being married to a Packer fan :)  

Okay, actually...I sort of like it.  

One Thing I Know For Sure: Bath time now...mommyhood calls :)


  1. I LOVE how he eats the cracker! Abbie is the same way with ALL food. She just shoves it in at record speeds. She used to not chew, but now she chews just enough to be sure it will go down. Ha ha. I also love the diaper "organizing". That is just another favorite activity of Abbie's. We have not tried the powdered sugar, but we may have to soon. I am SO, SO, SO thrilled to see Carter home and thriving. As I have commented before, I cannot explain how I got so attached to your family and Carter's journey home, but I am so glad that I did. He is a treasure, and you all are already proving to be the most capable and fantastic parents. :-)

  2. LOL, ok, now I have to point out just one more thing we have in common :) I am a preschool teacher and when I bring home our little ones then I will be staying at home as well :)
    LOVE how he signed all done !!! How many signs is he doing now?
    Give him a big hug from us :)
    (adopting Sydney)

  3. Still laughing at the powdered sugar fun! Kids find entertainment in the silliest of toys! Love it!


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