Monday, December 19, 2011

Pop Til You Drop :)

A few days ago, Carter and I enjoyed a family tradition.

The making of the popcorn ball.

Watching all that popcorn pop :)
Well - I guess it depends how you would define 'tradition'.  We haven't done it every year.  Or even every other year.  It's been a while since we've made these ridiculously tasty treats.  But for some reason, in my mind, it's a special tradition.

Never had a popcorn ball?  Its a real treat - popcorn (basically, best snack food ever) and sugar.  Really, what could be better?!  And when the sugar is colored to look all Christmasy and special, well - it's a tasty tradition in the making.

All that yummy, sugary popcorn, ready to be shaped into balls :)
Watching my Grannie in the kitchen is like watching an artist create a masterpiece.  She moves from this counter to the stove, back to that counter, and over to the sink.  It's like she has it choreographed.  She knows exactly what to do (well, except when she stops and says 'when am I supposed to put that vanilla in, again?!') and she does it well.  Watching her in the kitchen - in her element - is like experiencing a little bit of magic.

Let me just insert - this said 'magic' does not happen in my kitchen.  Ever.  Sigh.

Showing Carter how to play with the sticky popcorn :)
We did a very scientific experiment with Carter - Jake & I have been suspicious that Carter doesn't like foods that are green in color.  Since coming home, he has refused pretty much anything green - peas, beans, etc.  Well - it was proved in our experiment.  Devoured the red popcorn, and wouldn't touch the green popcorn.  Okay, then.

The finished product - ready to be ripped open and eaten :)

After making about 50 popcorn balls, I'd say our popcorn ball making day was a success.  And now, it's a tradition.


I found this photo from the last time we made popcorn balls.  I was a senior in high school, and little Jacob boy was 7.

Can I just Grannie looks more beautiful now than she did then.
I think that's called 'aging gracefully' :)
Pretty cute, huh?!

One Thing I Know For Sure: I've had bits of red & green sugar stuck in my teeth ever since.  Nothing like it :)


  1. Hooray!!!! Your back to blogging....I've been "jonesing" for your daily've got us spoiled for your amazing gift of prose (or at least me) and everytime you post I feel like I've had my "candy" for the day. Missed you yesterday, hope that all is well.....I know you are a busy girl (Mama) now so I really don't expect an "everyday" blog, but will take whatever you give. Love the pics....looks like Carter was having a good making "traditions"...isn't it great? He's going to love looking at this when he's 16!!! Love you girl.... Meemom

  2. I have got a pretty amazing wife. Honey, another great blog. You are so talented. When I finish reading I get bummed because there is no more left to read. This journey so great. Love my boy and I love love love you!...oh and Moses too (in case he is reading over your shoulder)

  3. Have been missing your blogging!! Carter is doing so well!!
    Now you are going to have to start coloring his green food red to get him to eat his veggies, lol.
    *hugs* All my love to all of you!!

  4. That is so odd about the green-phobia! Smart mama!

  5. So cute and so funny about the green things! Kids!! LOL :)

    P.S. I've been trying to get in touch w/you. Please check your messages on RR forum! :)

  6. Ashley,
    I hope that this reaches you. I have been following your blog for 4 months now and LOVE seeing your pictures and reading your posts. In fact, it was your blog that God used to bring my husband and I to adopting a child with Down syndrome! God is so good. I'd love to chat with you if you don't mind - my e-mail is Thank you so much for your faithful blogging and your love for each other, Carter, and the Lord. It shines through your blogs!! :) Looking forward to hearing from you!


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