Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The holiday madness has begun - in fact, it's in full swing.  Now that I stop and look at the calendar...I see it's almost over, actually.  I better get moving on those last minute gifts....!  Songs like this, and this, and even this have been playing nonstop in the Gibson house.  On a side note - did you know that 'Carol of the Bells' is actually Ukrainian?  Wikipedia it...it's kind of interesting.  Anyhow....Christmas will be over before we know it, and stores will be filled with all their pastel Easter gear.  Gag.  Unless it's a cute scarf or a baby blanket, I hate pastels.  Moving on...

Christmas in our house has never been so....Christmas-y.  Not because we have gone the 'Clark Griswald' route.  Ha...quite the opposite, actually.  Christmasy because we're celebrating Christmas the way it should be celebrated.  I love reflecting on Christ's birth, because it eventually led to the cross.  I love learning from Mary's obedience and faith.  No - I'm not Catholic, but Mary deserves some serious props!  I love hearing about Joseph trusting God.  I love pondering about God using ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Really, I love Christmas.

Beyond the 'real' meaning of Christmas, I love so many other things about it.  I love tradition.  I love remembering memories.  I love pulling out my favorite, beloved decorations year after year.

Not gonna find this at Target!  And that's exactly why I LOVE it.

This tiny little tree is probably one of my favorites.  Also won't be found in any stores :)

My grandparents give out an ornament to each family member every Christmas.  Sometimes it means something - like the piano I got while I was taking lessons.  And sometimes, they're just for fun, like the year my ornament was a green sparkly ice cream cone.  Well...maybe they were hinting that I needed to go on a diet.  I digress.

From my Great Grandma (G.G.) when I was 2 years old.

But either way - they hold tremendous meaning in this house.

This is one that I made for my Grandma G.G., and it was given back to me the Christmas after she died.  

And every year - I hang these ornaments with such care...wondering what I would ever do if one of them broke.

Our wedding ornament...just in case we ever forget how much we love each other :)

Not because I'm placing the value of Christmas in material things - but because some day, I want to sit down with my kids, and show them the tradition of Christmas.  Show them the value in gifts given with love.

This one was handmade by Jake when he was just a little guy :)
It's hung on the tree with a big, red, twisted paper clip!

Well, this year we have added a new ornament to the tree.  One that will also carry tremendous meaning, not just for Jake & I - but for all of our kids.  Because it was purchased in Ukraine - while we were there to bring home our boy.  

Yes - it really has all the pieces inside :)

And every year, when Carter hangs this special ornament on our tree - we will remind him of how loved he is, how loved he was before we even met him, and how much more his Savior loves him.  We'll remind him of the value of his past - his story, and also the bright future that he has ahead of him.

All of that in an ornament?  Yep.  Because all of that emotion, all of that affirmation - it's all found in tradition.  It sometimes requires no words.  Year after year, Christmas after Christmas, it will be there.  Front & center.  And he'll know.  He'll know that he's valued.  He'll know he's loved.  And no matter how many times we will tell him these things - sometimes traditions like this speak louder.

One Thing I Know For Sure: 5 days and counting until our first Christmas with our boy!


  1. Thanks to the title of your post, I can't get the song "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof out of my head! ugggghhhh!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA Carla, I was just coming to to comment the exact same thing!! :D too funny!

  3. I love the "Carol of the Bells" song. I have a blog post (in my head) about it. Need to get it done. Let's just say I started crying at Lisa's piano recital when I heard it... ya, I really need to get a grip. :-)

    SOOO awesome to think of it being Carter's first Christmas HOME!!!! YAY!!!!


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