Tuesday, November 08, 2011

We're Ready! I Think....

The preparation started last night...we were in full baby-proof mode.  Clean this, move that, arrange this...and we were lovin' it!  I set out Carter's Gotcha Day outfit, and I loved watching Rachel lay everything out perfectly, dreaming about those clothes being ON our boy in just a few hours.  A few HOURS.  Amazing.

Before you go any further - you have to visit Rachel's blog from last night...it's way, way too sweet.  We are so incredibly blessed to have Rachel along on this journey, and we just wouldn't have it any other way!  So before things get too crazy (and I'm sure once Carter is here, things WILL get crazy!), I just gotta say that Rach...we see beautiful, incredible things happening in your life.  We see you seeking out the Father's will...we see your heart breaking for the things that break God's heart...we see you falling so in love with our Savior...and we are just blessed to be a small part of it.  Thank you for joining us, for coming alongside us, for supporting us, for encouraging us, for loving us in our faults (and weirdness), and for sticking with us.  We really, truly love you like family....and we're so honored to call you FRIEND.  Okay....wiping away the tears and moving on :)

In just a short time, we will be picking Carter up from the orphanage, and taking him out forever (I think...unless something changes between now & then!  Nothing is concrete in this journey!).  It's amazing to think that very soon, our lives will revolve around this sweet little boy who has absolutely stolen our hearts.  Amazing to think how much our lives are really going to change.  Are we ready?  Well...sure.  As ready as we can be.  But I feel like we should have appreciated our time without kids a little more...instead of just wishing we were at the next phase in our lives.  Things are a-changin'!  That's for sure :)

Soon - very soon, our boy will not have numbers on his clothing.  His name will not be written on his shoes.  He will not sleep in a room with 15 other kids.  He will not be force-fed his meals community style.  He will not go to bed without hugs and kisses.  He will not wake up without snuggles.

Our boy is going to experience real, true, unconditional love.  My heart can hardly contain the emotions...I wish I had better words to explain how I'm feeling.

I'm still in awe of this gift that the Lord has given us.  We are so, so blessed.

One Thing I Know For Sure:  Just a few hours until freedom.  Freedom!


  1. I'm at a loss for words too! SOO SOOO SOOOOO excited for you!!! Praying for a smooth day and transition!

  2. I am just so happy for Carter's new life. Both of you will be amazing parents! Continuing to pray for all of you....

  3. I'm getting ready for bed reading this entry! It's such a beautiful journey! I know it wasnt at easy the whole way. I'm just so glad Carter is coming home!


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