Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Crazy Day :)

Today was 'paper job' day!  It should have been called 'sit and wait' day :)  Because that's about all we did today!  We started at the Office of Deeds...or the equivalent, at least.  We had to get his birth certificate from the district where he is living now, and also the district where he was born.  We waited in the van for about an hour or so at both locations.  We also had to get his tax ID code changed.  Or something.  That was a bit of a fiasco.  The ladies there were saying that we needed to have a Power of Attorney for Niko. The problem was that their computer system recognizes names differently.  Their equivalent of a 'middle' name is their fathers name + 'ovich'.  The fact that Jake's 'middle' name didn't have an 'ovich' at the end really seemed to mess them up!  So they wanted us to get a Power of Attorney for Niko, so that they could use Niko's name in the computer system.  Niko explained that he's done this many, many times - and this has never been a problem.  Well, he eventually got it worked out for us.

Next he called the 'passport lady'.  Of course, she wasn't in today.  But Niko said it's no problem if we do it tomorrow morning.  He said we should still be able to get our passport by Friday without any issues.

So that was our day in a nutshell.  Niko dropped us off around 4:00p - which unfortunately means that we missed our visit for tonight.  Bummer.

This is how we felt after our day was over :)  Yes, we were that tired!  Eight hours straight of sitting-waiting-driving-traffic jamming-starving-signing...!

So...all in all, everything went well today - as well as can be expected!  But...

Yes, I said 'but'.

....the US Embassy is closed on Friday, which is when we need to get Carter's visa.  Veteran's day.  Go figure.

Which means we'll have to wait until Monday to get his visa...which means we won't be home until at least Tuesday.  Bummer again.

However, there IS good news.  Very good news.

It sounds like tomorrow will be Gotcha Day.  That means that tonight is the last night that our boy will spend alone, in an orphanage.  Tomorrow, he begins his new life.  Tomorrow, he will be with family.

Tomorrow is a new day for Carter Benjamin.  A new day, indeed.

Niko will pick us up at the orphanage around 9:00a and take us to the passport agency.  And as far as I know, Carter won't be going back to that orphanage ever, ever again.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Wahoo for Gotcha Day!


  1. OHHHHHHHH my word.....I was so hoping to see you Saturday :-(...but I am soooooooooo glad tomorrow is gottcha day. I'll be waiting....anxiously waiting for pictures...pictures of freedom..pictures pictures pictures!!!!!

  2. AMAZING, Wonderful, Exciting....words cannot express how good that is to hear. Carter with his family ...forever :) Waiting to see picture of him free from the orphanage!!!

  3. HAHAHA! The exhaustment pic is epic. I sat around for TWO hours per place when me and dad did our paper chase, so I feel your pain. On the other hand, YAY YAY YAY! For early Gotcha day! Can't WAIT to see all the pics and vids- God is GOOD!

  4. YAY!!! so excited for you guys!!!! Ok now I know everyone wanted to see you sat but can I say I'm jumping for joy that it is going to be Tuesday!!! Yep let out a bit of a scream now I know this is totally selfish so no one has to point it out to me but seriously I can't tell you how bummed I was that I couldn't be at the airport when you came home!! Can not wait for those pictures of him FOREVER in your arms!!!!

    Juli (yep still can't get this silly thing to let me sign in for comments...lol)

  5. Oh, I am so excited...most excited about having Carter out of that orphanage and with his mommy and daddy! This is the last night that it will be just the 2 of you....tommorrow it will forever be the 3 of you! God is so good! As long as you can get him out a few extra days won't really matter,you will finally have your son! I love you with all my heart! NaNa

  6. I'm so very proud of you both and so happy for Carter ! I can hardly wait to hug all of you!!!

  7. UGH...those BLASTED holidays at the embassy! Probably the best place in UA to work as they get both the UA and USA holidays off (plus the last Friday of each month) which amounts to a whole LOT of days off.

    But so exciting you should be bustin' Carter OUT tomorrow!!!! Praying it all goes GREAT!!!!!!! Praying for that supernatural covering as when you met him.

    Love you all and can't wait to read about it!!!

  8. LOL... at least you guys have a sense of humor about the monotony of the sit and wait game!

    Let's see... math was never my strongest subject, but... it's 10:20pm on the east coast as I write this... and you're 7 hours ahead... OOOooo... so in just a few short hours, Carter will be with his family forever!

    What better news can there be than that? :-)


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