Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A New Beginning!

Today was indeed the day - Gotcha Day!  We met Niko at the orphanage around 9:00a, and got our boy dressed and ready to go!

Little does this boy know...he's going home for good!
 His 'American' outfit :)

We also got some photos of Carter with some people that we've grown to love!

We like this nanny very much!

And this is the man who said "I very glad you're here.  Beautiful."
We had some paperwork to do at the orphanage...just basically saying that we understand all of Carter's medical needs, and we are prepared to care for him.  This is what Carter thought of the paperwork :)

 We headed out to the van, and spent the next 2 hours or so there :)  We took Carter to the passport agency, and sat in the van to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  But Carter did GREAT!  He was very quiet, and very unsure of what was going on.  But he didn't fuss, he just sat quietly and looked around.

He liked looking out the window while we were driving :)  Nope...they don't usually use carseats here :)

For the first 20 minutes or so, Carter was pretty skeptical, and he just squeezed on to his little birdie.  He slowly started to open up...he drank some juice from his sippy, played with some toys, and started to chatter a little bit.

When it was finally time for us to go into the passport agency, I signed two documents, they took his picture, and that was it.  2 hours of waiting for 5 minutes of paperwork :)  But, it's done!  And Niko says we should have our passport by Friday for sure.

On our drive back to the apartment, we had one tired guy.  I'm sure it was the car ride, and the craziness of the day.  We got back, and tried to feed him some stage 3 baby food.  He has never taken food from us before.  Never.  So we thought that it was very possible that he may not eat until tomorrow when he's reeeeally hungry.'s the evidence...

Yep - he ate like a pro!  A whole jar of baby food!  He wasn't hesitant - he wasn't skeptical - he just ate it right up, and drank about half of his sippy cup, too.

We tried for a nap afterwards - but there was just too much to take in!  He couldn't possibly be expected to sleep when there was a whole apartment to explore!  It may come back to bite us tonight...but it's okay.


It's officially official...Carter Benjamin is at home, with his family - right where he belongs.  As I type this he's getting crazy with his daddy on the floor.  He's laughing more than he's ever laughed before - and I wonder if he knows.  I wonder if he gets it.  I wonder if he understands that this is a new beginning for him.  A new life.  A hope and a future!

Nothing better, people.  Nothing better.

One Thing I Know For Sure: New beginnings...beautiful, right?!


  1. Beautiful...absolutely beautiful....Love that last picture...There is NOTHING better!! So proud of you my sweet family of 3!!

  2. I'm practically speechless but we have a Great God don't we!

  3. Tears of joy!!!!!! This is the first thing I wanted to see this morning. I couldn't wait to check your blog!!!! So so happy for all of you!!!

  4. not just beautiful, amazing!!! God bless you!!!!

    i have loved following your adoption journey im ready to follow the new beginning

  5. I couldn't wait to check either!!! So happy for Carter, and for you and Jake! Oh happy day!! Oh gosh, I can't wait until it's our turn!
    Love the shirt, where did you get it?

  6. OOOOHHHHH - I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! One less! One less. One less!!! Thanks be to God!! Yeah Carter. Yeah Mom and Dad. Yeah Yeah!!

  7. YAY!!:) So excited and happy for your family!! Welcome home Carter!! What a great way to start my day by reading this wonderful news!! Makes me so excited to get to our gotcha day in a few months!!:) Sending you love from California!!!

  8. Yay! So glad Carter is with family now! No more will he go to bed without love! Or have a boring existence confined to a crib for hours and hours! He is one blessed little boy! So happy for him and for you! He is a perfect fit for your family. He even looks like you! He could easily pass for your biological son.

  9. AWESOME! I'm so happy for all of you that gotcha day finally arrived! Beautiful post and pictures. No dry eyes in WIS. I love Carter's new clothes too. "You didn't grow under my heart, but IN it!"

  10. The pictures and the looks of so many emotions on your face and his is absolutely amazing. He seems to be very trusting of you and its beautiful. God has given you his greatest gift. I love all three of you...can't wait to meet him.

    Love, NaNa

  11. Truly amazing and such a blessing!! I am in tears watching this. So happy for you!

  12. Seeing you walk out with him made me cry. Congratulations and welcome to a new life Carter!!!

  13. Congratulations! How wonderful. Best wishes as you finish out the process there and head home as a family.

  14. I am the biggest crying mess right now!!!! Honestly, you are all so absolutely beautiful and I am just crazy about each of you!!! WOW!!!! Just AMAZING!!!!!!Congratulations Gibson Family!!!!!!

  15. I've been so blessed by your stories, and I'm totally in love with Carter! We're looking forward to meeting your little man. The t-shirt is a powerful statement to the end of Carter's hopelessness! Blessed journey home.
    Todd and Tammy

  16. Our hearts are full of so much love and joy for you 3!!! Can't wait to see you! All our love, Greg, Kristi & Katelyn

  17. I am so, so, SOOOOO happy for the 3 of you! What a beautiful new beginning for a beautiful little boy!

  18. I was so excited to read your post tonight and was hoping today you could bring your little boy home. I am totally bawling right now, but it's tears of joy. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Praying for a safe trip back home! Shannon

  19. I was stalking your blog again this AM and read your post to the kids to start our school day. Just getting back now to comment.

    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! SOOOO excited for you all!!!! What a blessing he is doing so well and adjusting. God is an AWESOME God! Can you believe it has really happened? All the paperwork, time, $, and walking...he is finally yours! Woohoo!!!

    (By the way, I'm insanely jealous you did not have to get on a train for 12-15 hrs after springin' him. LOL You are truly blessed!)

  20. I'm a day late, but I'm so happy for you all! I love that picture of Jake in the car with Carter, all lit up with emotion, I love the videos of Carter's "firsts," and I love especially that there is one less orphan in the world, now in the arms of a loving Mama and Daddy!

  21. Carter knows...God told him all about you two. Carter knows he's home, in every sense of the word.
    Love to all 3 of you, BJ


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