Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Today's visit was....well...rough.  Carter is so finished with sitting on that couch.  He is so finished with staying put in the hallway.  He is ready to move on to bigger and better things.

And so are we.

Because of his exceeding desire to get as far away from that couch as he can...we pretty much chased him around the entire visit.

I'm beat.


We've been working on some signs - mostly just 'mama' (below) and 'papa'.  We haven't been working on them as much as we probably should - which is probably why he hasn't really caught on.  But today, he seemed much more interested - he was touching my hand and staring at it.  Later he was putting my hand up to my mouth. Close enough :) Maybe we just need to turn on Baby Signing Times :)

I know it's blurry - but I just wanted proof that we're working on it :)
His eye is looking better, and his chest doesn't sound so rattly.  But we're wondering if he wasn't feeling great this morning.  When he wasn't being an absolute stinker, he was very interested in snuggling and sucking his tongue.

Yes, that's drool on my sweater.  And I love it.
 This boy has gone from fists clinched onto my fingers - to literally pushing off to walk away.  He doesn't even need somebody to walk to - he just walks away, turns around, walks back, turns the other get the idea.

About halfway thru the visit, his nanny (we really like this one!) came to give him some more sugary-tea-medicine.

We had to laugh again at his bed head.  Cutest bed head I've ever seen!

Really - can anybody resist this sweet face?  How can you not just love this boy?

And yes, the arms are always up when in walking mode :)  Usually flapping, but always up.

I've heard so many people say that children & adults with Down syndrome are always happy and cheerful.


This guy threw two tantrums today.  Both because he wanted to open one of the office doors.  The first time, he cried for at least 2 or 3 minutes...tears and everything.

Don't believe me?!  Proof!

We just got back from the Billa Market, and now Jake is making us our Ranger Sandwiches :)  I'd call that a good day!

One Thing I Know For Sure: One week from today, this boy should be out of that orphanage for GOOD!


  1. After watching the videos yesterday of you walking behind him half hunched over, I bet your back is about done too. This part of the journey is so LONG! That week I visited E by myself was endless. Same ol' same ol'. And I'm not nearly as entertaining as Daddy is. I was constantly watching the clock to see when I could leave. Terrible, but reality. But, it will end. Hang in there. Maybe it's time for another site-seeing day. Chernobyl museum maybe? Catacombs? I heard they were both interesting.

    And oh ya, I can TOTALLY relate to the fits. Elijah had 10 of them yesterday before we got to therapy at 8:30AM! Glad they are treating him though. And you didn't even have to buy the medicine? Amazing. :-)

  2. I love his outfit today, and I particularly love that he was a stinker today!
    And yes, his sweet face is irresistible.

  3. Ah yes, the three year old fit. Fully equipped with leg kicking and body stiffening. Also, gotta love the outfit today! They are creative! Baby signing time is great. I even love them... Love your posts everyday. I want this to be our family some day...

  4. I can't wait until he is out of there!!!! After he is released do you get to leave the country or is there more time you have to stay before you can come home??? And his pink shoes are too much.....he is going to love those pictures when he grows up :)

  5. After I posted my comment at the top, I thought I should have clarified one thing. It's not that I didn't want to spend time with my new son during the visits, but having to do it on someone's rules is what makes it hard, hard, hard. I loved my time with him, but when you have not control over anything it's difficult. I know you know what I was saying, but just wanted to clarify that for anyone else. LOL

  6. She is my favorite nanny!!! I just loved her :)


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