Monday, November 07, 2011

Paper Job :) happened just like I thought it would.  Around 11:15a, we got a call that said 'Niko will pick up you in 10 minutes'.  Okay - here we go!

He came and we went to the notary office...he told us that he'd have to do some work first, so we could wait at McDonalds across the street.  About 30 minutes later, we were done eating and so we walked back to the van.  Niko was inside, and he welcomed us in.  We had a nice talk about this country and the culture.  We waited in the van for probably close to an hour - because it was lunchtime and many people were on break.  We didn't mind waiting - Rachel and I played a competitive game of Yahtzee on the iPad in the back of Niko's van :)

Niko left for a few minutes - came back, and said 'we go now.' - so we went into the office, signed our court decree, and that was it.  Niko gave us an updated timeline - and it sounds very, very possible that we will have Gotcha Day on Wednesday.  Tomorrow is 'crazy paper job day' we won't have time to do much tomorrow.

Unfortunately, that means no visits today :(  I'm totally bummin' about this...but I know that we do have to get some things done.  We need to get Carter's clothes ready, pick up every crumb off the floor (or else it will be in Carter's mouth...and we're really not sure where some of these crumbs came from!), get his 'bed' ready, buy some groceries for the next few days (since we likely won't have time when we need them), buy some snacks for our 'crazy paper job day' tomorrow, pick up some baby food jars for Carter and some other foods that we might try to cook & mash, exchange more money.....I think that's about it for now.  Phew!  I think I can, I think I can....!

Tonight was an evening of 'lasts'...we kept saying 'this is probably our last walk to Independence Square' or 'this is probably our last trip to the underground mall' and 'this might be the last time we enjoy Il Patio for dinner''s a little sad, actually.  We're so ready to get our boy home - but we are so comfortable here, it's really become a second home.  We will most definitely miss this city!

So - tomorrow our day starts at around 7:30a when Niko comes to pick us up...and it ends - well, I have no idea when it ends.  But Niko said "don't worry - I takes good care of you!" Have I mentioned how much we love Niko?!  :)

One Thing I Know For Sure: We're ready for 'crazy paper job day'!


  1. Ahahaha! Oh, Niko. He's awesome. I know exactly what you mean- you're ready for home, but not to leave! Paradox-yes- Do I get it and remember it? Also yes! :D So excited that gotcha day ain't far away! Have fun tooling around with Niko! The paper chase and the coming days will be NUTs, but you'll remember them for the rest of ur lives! :)

  2. I know you can...I know you can....I know you can!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yay!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you but I'm a tad worried what I'm going to do with my days when I don't have a new blog update every 6 hours:( You do realize that you will have to continue with the entries otherwise I may just have to move to Wisconsin! You would think with 5 kids I would have enough to occupy my time.... I let 1 entire day go by just so I would have multiple posts to read and once again you didn't disappoint me:) I know.... I need to get a life!! Honestly, I CANOT wait to see your "Gotcha Day" post and I'm sure I will need a whole box of tissues. Make sure you remember evrything about your paper chasing day so we know what we are in for!

  4. The adrenaline on paper chase day is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  5. Niko's the best! :)

    Good luck chasing paper!

  6. GAH! My heart is pounding just imagining "crazy paper job day." Good luck to you all!!

  7. Praying, praying, praying! Praying the passport office does not give you any flack. Oh, and you know this, but THIS would be the day to carry the dossier with you. :-) Can't wait to hear. Hope your shopping time went well. How nice to have an iPad for entertainment! LOL (I have to admit, when I first glanced at the photo - missing the dice - I thought you had made a list of things to do get Carter out and were checking them off! ROFL So glad it was Yahtzee!)


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