Monday, November 07, 2011

I See The Light...!

We made it through the Packer game last night!  Well...actually, Jake made it through the Packer game - Rachel and I went to bed at halftime :)  I must have been really tired - because when he came to bed, I apparently said something like 'hi baggy man'.  When he asked what I was talking about, he said I got super irritated and said 'ugh!  you know...baggy man...?!  the metro...? ugh....'.  I believe every word...that is exactly what I do.  Oh Lord :)

This morning we planned on sleeping in...late.  Well - the phone rang at 9:00a - but it was a very good phone call!  It was Luda!  She was calling to tell us that Niko was picking up our court decree TODAY!  She told us to stay near the apartment until we hear from Niko, because he's going to take us to get the court decree notarized.  Luda explained the rest of the process to Jake...and it sounds like it's very, very possible that we'll have Carter's passport by Thursday night - which means we can come home on Saturday!  If we don't get the passport by Thursday night, then we'll be here until Monday or Tuesday.  Really - it's only a few days difference, and not huge deal - but of course the sooner we can get home, the better!

We're hoping that we can still go to our visit this afternoon, because tomorrow is going to be one crazy day.  Tons of paper chasing - tons of crossing stuff of lists - really, it will be craziness.  But good craziness - because it brings us that much closer to bringing our boy home!

Gotcha day?  Well....we don't know exactly.  If we get the passport on Thursday night, which is when Luda thinks we'll get it - then Gotcha day will likely be Friday.  It could be Thursday night - but it would be late, so I'm thinking that's doubtful.

Ready?!  Hang on tight...because here we go!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Do you see it?  The light at the end of the tunnel?!  We do!  It's so, so close!


  1. I see the light at the end for sure!!!!!!! Thank you God for another blessing...THIS IS CARTER'S LAST MONDAY EVER IN IN AN ORPHANAGE!! He may have only 4 more sleeps in that dreaded place!!! Hang on..the ride is going to get crazy!!!! But a good crazy!!

  2. WOOHOOO!!!!!! That's GREAT news!!!! A surprise for something EARLIER is always very, very welcome! God is GOOD!!!

  3. YAY!!!! So excited for you. Hold on Carter because you are going to soon begin a life that only love surronds you ;)

    Juli (ok I'm sooo not liking blogger it won't let me sign in to comment...and yes I'm too lazy to change Miss you guys!)

  4. Hooray!!!! I'm soooooooooo happy for you guys.....GOD IS GOOD...NO GREAT!!!!! Glad its finally time to bring your (our) baby home...LOL!!! God be with you on this last part of your journey in country and smooth the path of the paper chase and give you favor with all that you come in contact with....Love you all

  5. God is good and He answers prayers. Can't wait to see you at the airport....SOON!

  6. So exciting!!!!! We are revving up with you...bring him home!!!

  7. Ok, so best case scenerio, you'll be on your way home Saturday; worst case, Tuesday... and the way I see it, one week ain't all that bad!!! Woo hoo and YAY!


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