Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Day + Some Rambling

Yep - this morning started like any other - Carter was up around 6:00a...and he came in bed to snuggle with us.  Each morning, he laughs - he rolls around - he touches our faces - almost like he's saying "is this real?  do I really have my own family?  is it true?".  It's true, bud.

He ate a big breakfast...oatmeal (loves it), applesauce (loves it), pancakes (way loves it).  And he's been crawling around on the floor all morning.

Jake and Rachel did some quick grocery shopping - so we should be set for the rest of our time here!  While they shopped, Carter ate lunch and then went down for his nap.

Well...actually, he screamed, flailed his arms, and refused to lay down - for about 45 minutes.  I think I even pulled out a 'Carter Benjamin Gibson!'...ha, as if he has any concept!  Eventually he did go down, though.  I'm pretty sure he's feeling a little better, and knew there was fun stuff to do in the other room :)  But once he fell asleep, he slept for 3 hours.  Yep - it's going to take a while to figure this guy out.  Well, heck.  Who am I kidding?!  He's a toddler...he'll never really be figured out :)

We had a normal evening - dinner and bath, and later a movie.  Carter is still loving his food....

...but there is one thing that we've found he does not love :)  No corn for this guy!

I know - it's a little sassy, what he's doing.  But secretly, we think it's stinkin' adorable.


As Tuesday is approaching, we are busy around here.  We've started to pack, we've done our last loads of laundry for our time here.  + A tip for those coming after us....don't even try to do all your laundry so it's clean when you get home.  You will absolutely have do redo it when you get home - because everything will smell like this city.  Cigarette smoke and car exhaust.  In fact, we decided that this time when we get home, we will leave our bags in the breezeway until we're ready to do laundry - because last time we left it in the house, and when we came down in the morning, the whole house smelled.  I'm being totally serious, unfortunately.

And as we're thinking about leaving, there are a few things I'll really miss about being here...and a few things I will gladly leave :)

I'll miss the lack of responsibility here.  Not much cleaning to do, Jake doesn't have to go to work, no church's been a bit of a vacation.

I'll miss the traffic - the 'view' (as dingy and grim as it is sometimes)...the noise outside our window.  Strange, I know.

I'll miss the walking...well - maybe not.  But I will miss the people-watching, and wondering what they're all talking about.

I won't miss the crunchy clothes and towels!  As much as a fabric softener addict I was before, I'll be even worse now!  Can't wait to have some soft clothes!

I won't miss wondering if Carter has been smoking cigarettes in the bathroom every time I go in there...I'm pretty sure it's coming from the big hole in the cement wall (which I also won't miss!).

And I definitely won't miss wondering what has caused the weird stains all over the carpet and couch.

In a nutshell - I'll be glad to go home :)


And when I do get home - I can't wait to start gearing up for Christmas.  Something about having this little boy home for Christmas feels so...magical.  So exciting.  Visions of sugarplums, for sure.

And then I think of those of you who should be here - could be here - but aren't.  Those of you who had hoped that your child would be home by Christmas...but now you'll spend another Christmas without them.  And friend, please know that my heart breaks for you.  This Christmas season, as Carter rips open his gifts and throws toys to the side while he plays with the bows...well, I'll be thinking of you and your children on the other side of the world.  And I'll be remembering that we were so close to being in your boat.  So close to having to wait another Christmas.  So close - literally, a week away - from being told 'sorry - maybe after Christmas....'.  I don't know why we made it in time and you didn't.  I don't know why our boy will be home, while yours waits it out.  But I'm sorry.

On that 'happy' note...I've gotta say that I'm watching Carter feed his lion with a spoon.  Pretty sweet, this boy is.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Oh my word - just 2 more sleeps until we're home!  On our memory foam bed!!  :)


  1. Another great post. Now you know that you are a parent when you have used first, middle and last name! Have I ever done that?......hmmmm, YES!

    Will be so GLAD to see you guys soon.


  2. I love him! I cannot wait to see your homecoming post!

    Kim at

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA wait..just wait until you insert Moses's name in there too..."Carter Moses...I mean Carter Benjamin Moses.....I mean CARTER BENJAMIN GIBSON"'ll happen!!

  5. Such a blessing that you will finally be home with him. We were so wishing we would at least meet our girl by Christmas but it doesn't look like that will be happening :(

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  6. So so cute :) Carter will always hold a very special place in my heart. When I first saw him on RR, and saw that his name on there was the same as my grandpa, he just melted me to pieces.
    So happy he has such loving parents, such a loving family, and that very soon he will be home!!

  7. Just 2 more sleeps! Well, one by the time you read this. I just can't believe it...hard to believe it's really happening, isn't it????

    I totally get it about the lack of sure was a shocker when I came home after being gone 5 weeks...What do you mean I have to be responsible for all of these little people? LOL

    Praying all goes well at the medical/embassy!! Love to you all!

  8. Oh this is just so wonderful! I am praying for you each second of the way! :)
    xoxo - Jen Krenz

  9. almost home! yay!! is Carter left handed? just wondering :) love the little attitude about not wanting corn, hehe. we just adopted a 4 yr old girl with ds and has been fun finding what she likes to eat and not, no avocado for her! is amazing since who doesnt like avocado?? i mean here in mexico :) but she sure doesnt like it! buu


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