Monday, November 14, 2011

The Countdown Is On...!

This morning, Carter let us sleep until 7:30a!  Go we actually wanted to wake early, so we could go to bed hopes of being more awake at 2:00a tomorrow when we need to get up to get to the airport. I guess that backfired :)

This is how he was sleeping when Jake woke up at 4:00a....ha :)  I'm pretty sure he woke up in the night - decided to play a little bit, and then just dozed off mid-playtime.  :)

He woke up happy, and smelly :)  So he started his day with a bath.  Niko picked us up around 9:45a to take us to Carter's medical appointment.  She weighed him, measured him - undressed him and poked his belly a few times....and that was it.  According to their bathroom scale from 1946, Carter weighs 8.1 kilos...which is about 18 lbs.  Ha!  Maybe double that :)  Oh was necessary in order to get his visa , and now it's done.

Carter did great, with the exception of a little fussing toward the end while we were waiting in the hall.  A little lotion on his hands solved the problem...he loves lotion.  He rubs it in to both hands, and sometimes even rubs it on his face.

Niko said he thought it would take much longer, so he dropped us off at home with plans to pick us up around 1:15p to get Carter's visa.  So Jake & Rachel headed to Papa Johns to get some pizza for lunch (since we planned on being in the van with Niko until into the afternoon, we didn't have anything for lunch at home!), and I went back to the apartment with Carter.

From lunch until 1:15p - we just hung around and tried to keep Carter awake and happy.  We didn't want to nap him, because the last time we had to wake him up from nap, he was a bear. A total grump.  And we don't want a grump at the consulate!

Niko picked us up at 1:15p to go to the consulate.  Everything went smoothly - and we were wondering why they don't just do it all in one appointment.  It seems a little silly...but it is what it is, I suppose.  Anyhow, we got Carter's visa - woo!  Which means....we booked our tickets to HOME!  That's right - tomorrow, at 2:00a, we will be waking up (and attempting to wake up our 3 year old) and we'll be heading to the good ole' U.S of A!

Guys - c'mon...I'm so ready to ditch this place...!
We really wanted to go to 'Chocolate' again tonight to try some of the chocolate fondue...but it's just not going to work.  We've still got some packing to do.  We just put Carter to sleep (at 5:45p) - he was so tired.  We're hoping he'll sleep all the way until 2:00a. Since he didn't nap today, I'm thinking it will be possible.


As we get ready to leave, a part of me is sad to leave this country.  Carter's country.  It's far from perfect - and it has so, so far to go.  But this country gave us our son.  And for that, I'll be forever grateful.

"Yoo-kray-ee-NA!  Yoo-kray-ee-NA!"

That's the sound we heard outside our window after the Germany vs. Ukraine soccer match.  They tied, by the way. Anyhow - that's the sound that I'm hearing in my head tonight.  A cheer for Ukraine.

Thanks, Ukraine.  Forever indebted.

For real.


Packing is almost done - and then, we will look out the apartment window for the last time - say goodbye - and go to bed.

One Thing I Know For Sure:  I hate good-byes.  See you later, Ukraine...


  1. hips hurt just seeing that photo of Cater B Gibson sleeping....he is going to have to teach us how he does that!!

  2. Have a great trip. It has been so much fun watching all of this!!!! And no corn for Carter :)

  3. Safe travels and Welcome Home:)

  4. He might warm up to the corn... he seems to really be digging the bread, so maybe some cornbread is in order when you get home!

    I really, really loved reading all about your adoption journey. I really loved the e-mails too, even if there was no Owen sighting (thank you so much again for looking out!).

    May God watch over you all as you travel back home, and be with you always through your next adventure of adventure of raising that special little guy. ♥

  5. Darn, I wish I proof-read that post before I sent it, I just realized I wrote "adventure of adventure," lol. Pay no attention, I need to go to bed early too!

  6. Very excited for you to get home. What an incredible journey. Praying for safe travels and a content baby.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)


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