Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Saturday!

This morning started off a little different than the last few mornings...Carter did wake up around 6:30a - but then we brought him into bed with us, and he fell back to sleep with his daddy :)  Until 9:00a!

Is there anything cuter than little boys just after they wake up?!

 When he woke, he was still pretty tired and a little cranky.  We figured a bath (his favorite pastime!) would wake him up.  It did for a few minutes...but by the time he ate his breakfast, he was back to being a sleepy, somewhat grumpy boy.  He lounged on the couch with his mama until around 11:30a, when he started dozing again.  So we decided it's an early nap time for our boy today.  We're pretty sure he just feels like junk.  His nose has been draining nonstop...and there is a slight rattle in his chest.  I guess that adds up to a lazy (incredibly boring!) day around the apartment.  He slept for about 12 minutes (ha)...came out - and was just a little bundle of laughs.  Apparently he just needed a little cat nap :)

He ate a little lunch, and then napped from 1:00 to 3:00 or so.  Our friends, the Horners, called us and wanted to meet up for dinner!  We were so glad to have this break in our day!  And we couldn't wait to see them again!!  It was so nice to meet their adorable kids and just have some good fellowship.  We headed to Celentanos for dinner, and since it's the Horner's anniversary today and Bryan's birthday tomorrow we headed to a place called 'Chocolate' for dessert!  We were hoping for some fondue - but the waitress said it was 'all gone'....even though the people at the table before us had some.  You should have seen Alecia - she was getting all up in everyones face...I'm pretty sure she even threw a few punches.  Okay...I'm mostly kidding :)  But we had a good laugh about how we just didn't feel like 'Jesus with skin on' at that moment :)

Carter did great at both places, and was a total trooper the whole time.  He ate okay at Celentanos - mostly the bread from the pizza crust instead of the vegetable soup that we ordered for him.  Really, though - can you blame him?!  And at 'Chocolate'...well...lets just say our boy likes sweets.  He had a few nibbles of daddy's blueberry cheesecake, and he wasn't too happy when it was gone.  We were able to calm him down by giving him his spoon - he pretended to feed himself for the rest of the time we were there :)  No real food required!

On the walk home, it was obvious that Carter would need to be changed once we got back to the apartment...!  So it was Jake's turn.  Luckily, it wasn't bad at all...and Jake did a great job :)  And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Bath time now...and, geez - are these blog posts getting boring or what?!  Is this what my life has come to?  Runny noses, chocolate, and baby poop?  Lord help me!  I'll be amazed if anyone has read down this far.  I commend you, if you have...because it doesn't even sound interesting to me!

And later tonight...yep, you guessed it!  Bedtime for Carter around 8:00p, and a movie.  Shocking, I know :)


Two things...before I forget :)

1 - We have noticed a slight orphanage behavior that peeks out once in a while during mealtimes.  If we don't get the food in his mouth fast enough, or have enough on his spoon, he throws a little fit.  Nothing major - just lots of fussing.  We're pretty sure that in the orphanage, he who squeals the most gets the most food :)  And that would explain why our guy has rolls while the other kids don't.

2 - As we were leaving today, we saw a peek inside the apartment two doors away from us.  Let me tell you, what we saw makes our apartment look like the Taj Mahal.  It was absolutely shocking to me.  I just thought every apartment in this building was about like ours.  I was so, so wrong. We are blessed, people.  Ridiculously, incredibly, abundantly blessed.  YOU are blessed.  WE are blessed.  As I get home, and go about the business of buying Christmas gifts, I hope I remember this place - these people - this city.  Because we have much - too much, even.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Just sitting here watching our boy giggle...are we spoiled, or what?!


  1. I love every post and would never stop reading half way through, are you kidding me?????? Seeing Carter asleep with Jake was to die for! Thinking that he has never snuggled in bed with anyone before makes it soooooooo much sweeter! Can't wait for Tuesday!!!

  2. I don't even know you or your wonderful family and I love reading your blogs. Prayers for your baby boy to feel better. I also figured all the apartments were like yours. How interesting. Enjoy your "boring" days as you call them. I think with children no day can be too boring :)

  3. Reading your blogs have always made me feel like we CAN do this. Hearing how you are dealing with stinky diapers and runny noses gives me hope that we will get there too.
    YES you read that right, I am looking FORWARD to stinky diapers and runny noses because it means that I have her, she is ours, she is in my arms, right where she belongs!!
    Keep posting :) I will continue to read your posts for as long as you make them!

  4. It was unbelievably hard to see the poverty in Aidan's country. It really hit me hard too. The picture of sleepy, bed head Carter is priceless. Enjoy your last few days in your son's country. Has it sunk in yet? Your son.

  5. The sleeping pictures are so ADORABLE!! Poopy and running noses and bathtime might be boring for some people but not for this mommy! Keep up the good work MOM!

  6. I read the entire post..not once, not twice but three times..incase I missed something reading it before. Your posts are never boring. We need to hear the details of your day. Makes us feel closer some how!!! Won't be long now and you WILL be home!!!! Yeah.........Your house is ready!!!!!

  7. I made it all the way to the end and I didn't even doze off once.... I'll proudly accept my virtual pat on the back hehehe..... I am in the same boat.... All I do anymore is "kid stuff".... sick kids, fighting kids, etc.... I can totally relate!

  8. I love, love, love your posts and they are anything BUT boring...I look forward to "hearing" about your days and seeing new pics...can't wait to see you all again and hope you don't stop posting once your back....Meemom

  9. Hi Ashley, I've been following your travels to Carter- found your site via Reeces' Rainbow. I live in Green Bay! I would love to ask some questions on the whole process, etc- if you have a spare moment my email is watsonABC @ gmail . com. Thank you a ton and happy travels home to WI- you missed some snow this week! - Robin

  10. i love your post, i love your photos, i love your blog! really, is my fave right now :)

    well, my boy who is now 6 and also has the extra chromosome also threw fits when he didnt got the food fast enough or full spoon, you know what i did? well eat by yourself! lol he was about 1 yr, and the fits stoped. of course i was there to help :)


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