Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Bath Time!

Since Carter decided he was not taking a nap today, we thought we'd give him his first bath!

This boy definitely has no fear of the water!

He laughed - splashed - and played like crazy.

After his bath...a haircut.  The back was like a little mullet, and it just needed to be taken care of :)

It's not perfect, but it looks a whole lot better :)


His day was great...he is definitely not nervous or anxious about the apartment.  He has made himself right at home!  A little extra stinkerness...but we know that it's so hard for him in this apartment...NOTHING is safe for him to play with.  The chairs tip super easily, the drawers have sharp edges, the tables have rough glass's definitely not a playground.  So, we had to try to keep him entertained with his same 6 toys :)  But really, what a resilient, amazing boy.  It's like he just knows that he belongs here.  No fear, no anxiety - he's been just chillin' :)

Tonight, Jake and Rach did some quick grocery shopping, we fed Carter his dinner, and snuggled him to sleep.  We gave him .5 tsp of benadryl, to see if it would knock him out or make him crazy...because if it knocks him out then we'll use it on the plane :)  So - it knocked him out at 7:55...for 10 minutes.  And then he was wide awake!  We gave him another .5 tsp around 8:50 and around 9:15 I took him in the bedroom and just put him in his 'bed'...after about 15 minutes he was totally out!  And as of right now (10:00p...) he is still out :)  Hopefully he stays out :)

Tomorrow we'll be picked up by Niko around 10:30a, and head to our first embassy appointment.  The rest of the day will be paper chasing...which probably means waiting in Niko's van.  But it's okay...because we love Niko!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Bath + Haircut = a new boy!


  1. What a cute little chunky monkey he is. You all just belong together! I'm so happy you finally have him!

  2. love how he is on his tippy toes......Jake walked that way a lot as a toddler....must be a Gibson thing!!!!! the picture of Carter with his blue jeans...I noticed how they are too long...shades of the past with Jake! His pants always were too long .....Jake...remember the "california roll"?"

  3. How nice to finally see those little legs and toes!!!

  4. Oh my goodness! I can't believe the "chunk" on him!!! Amazing!! And how wonderful he loved his bath! That is HUGE! And I'm so glad YOU got to cut his hair. I was afraid they might buzz or butcher it before you got him out.

    And what huge answer to prayer that he feels so comfortable there. He is an amazing little boy! :-) With amazing parents!

  5. Wow...things seem to be going quite smoothly! I loved the bath video, he just seems so happy and playful. What a fun thing for a new mommy to watch. I love all of you. See you in a few days!



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