Sunday, November 06, 2011


Tonight was so, so great!  Dinner with our friend, Max!

Before they got there, someone obviously saw that we were clearly Americans...and we're so glad he approached us.  Because he was American, too!  From Minnesota, actually!  He and his 'team' were training pastors just south of the city and they were on their way home tomorrow.  We told him about our adoption, and we enjoyed a little bit of fellowship.  It's amazing how God knows just what we need...and that He's good enough to give it to us!  Dave...if you're reading this - thanks for stopping to talk to us homesick, lonely Americans!  God bless you!  And email us - would you?!  We'd love to keep in touch, and maybe venture back to this country together in the future!  

So, on to Max :)  What a joy to be able to spend some time with him and some of his team, and even one of his kids!  We laughed - we talked - we asked questions - and we walked away totally, completely blessed.  It was amazing to us that almost a year ago, Jake's mom was with Max in this country when she came to help Jill B. bring home Elijah.  We would have never, ever thought that almost a year later, WE would be here, eating dinner with Max, finishing up our adoption.  Never, ever.  Not in a million years.  God is so amazing...and we are so blessed.

We told Max how some people tell us how 'brave' we are, or how 'special' we are for adopting a child with special needs.  Because the truth is - we're not brave, or special, or incredible.  We're just people - just like you.  Max told us that the Lord gave him a word for adoptive families - and it's just 'thank you'.  Just 'thank you' - for being obedient, for loving the unloved, and for stepping out in faith.  Not 'oh're so so great!'.  It really touched our hearts - and took some of the 'pressure' off, if you will.  Because we're not great - and sometime in the next 60 years or so, we will absolutely do things that are way less than great.  But this reminded us that it's not about being special or brave or great - it's just about taking one step from where we are, and being obedient to Christ.  That's it.

By the way - they chose to eat at Fridays (and we were glad!)...I don't want anyone to think we're addicts!!   

So - looking for something to pray for?  Pray for Max's ministry - pray for the work that is happening in the country - pray for open hearts and open doors.  God is moving here.  It's undeniable.  Pray, church!  Pray!  

Lord - bless these people!


We have big plans for tonight :)  It's game day, as I said before...and we have a classic American football party planned!  Almost like home :)  Rach & Jake are wearing their Packer gear...and Rach is all psyched up to learn about the game :)  We'll see how long her excitement lasts...!

So tonight it's build your own nachos - with black olives, salsa, corn, cheese, pork...and of course nacho chips :)  I will include info about the salsa in a 'for those coming after us''s absolutely delish!! 

The paper is our picks for NFL week 9 :)  The winner gets a chocolate bar of their choice.
Well, shoot.  Stinks for me.  Bummer.
Yep - it's gonna be a great night!  The only thing that would make it better?!  According to would be a cup of Mrs. Cook's Cranberry Cider :)  Maybe if we're lucky, she'll give us the recipe :)


Well...we are officially into the 3rd week...yes - the end of today marks 14 days in this country.  We're ready to get our boy out - we're ready to get him home - and we're ready to establish a routine as a family.   This mama is ready to get home and just be a mama.  

One Thing I Know For Sure: What a night...thank you Lord, for your goodness!


  1. Better than the recipe - I'll make you some!! We are praying for you all. Can't wait for the day when we can meet Carter! God-speed..... and safe travels for you!

  2. Hope you enjoyed your Packer party! 8-0! What a barnburner of a game! I fully remember being so ready to come home. We got our passport in one day. Hope you do too!!

  3. What a great game! I'm glad your money was well spent. Atta girl, Rachel! You're leading with 7/5 and Ash and Jake each have 6/6. I'm 8/4 and picked the Steelers, too, Ash. Hope they can hold on. Prayers and more prayers for a speedy passport and a safe, pleasant trip home. As soon as you get a date, Tom will start the official Carter Countdown!

  4. Way to go Rachel for picking the Broncos!!


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