Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Left The House.

Okay, before you freak - I don't mean 'I left the house' as in, I had a quarter-life crisis and left wearing my pink bathrobe while my husband and child were left screaming inside.

I mean - I left the house...I left Carter's side for the first time since we broke him out of the orphanage.

I went shopping.

For an hour.  But it felt like an eternity.

I didn't want to leave....but for some reason Jake was shoving me out the door.


Okay - I think it was obvious that I needed to get out.  And how sweet is my mom?  She had $30 in Kohls Cash, and dropped it off for me this morning.

So - I left.  I came back.  And I feel so, so much better.  Not that I felt terrible before - but the fresh air and retail therapy did me some good.  And guess what?!  I hardly spent money on was mostly for Carter.  But wow, huh?  I could have spent it all on myself...but I didn't :)  Go, me.  


And now I'm stalling.  Because I am supposed to be writing an article for the local newspaper about being thankful.  It's supposed to be done soon.  And I'm seriously lacking inspiration.

Really, I'm thankful.  Super thankful.  Don't doubt my thankful-ness.  But words allude me today.  Surprising - because it's a perfect time for writing.  Lights are low - candles lit - toddler (and husband!) sleeping - heck, it's even raining!

And I can't find the words to express how thankful I am.

I've got a cup of hot cocoa in my favorite mug...I'm wearing my favorite sweats...I've got the perfect playlist throwing all my favorites at me....and seriously, not an ounce of inspiration.

I may have also tried to find inspiration in 'photo booth'.

Okay...didn't work.

No - I have no shame.  If you're going to read along, you're going to know the real me - unkept hair and all.

Anyhow - back to being thankful.  I know - it's more than pumpkin pie (Rachel!) and turkey.  I get it, totally.  But how do I even begin to put into words what I'm feeling?  Where do I even start?  My heart screams thankfulness from son up to son down (pun totally intended).  But I'm having a bad connection from my heart to my head.

Well...when it's done (if it's done?), I'll share here.

One Thing I Know For Sure:  Thanksgiving.  Not a day, not a feeling.  It's an action.  Maybe I found my inspiration...?


  1. Praying you found your inspiration!! Wake your son and husband up.... That will make you thankful when they get back to sleep LOL jk

  2. LOL Love the photos!!! And ya for the Kohls outing! Your such a good mommy. :-)

  3. Hey Ashley,

    I just love your blog. Could you e-mail me sometime, I couldn't find your e-mail and I have some questions about the adoption process with RR. My husband and I are hoping to start the process early 2012...we are praying and reading up on things. Thanks so much! :-)

    ~Kimberly Giddings

  4. Funny stuff. I grab my morning coffee and check-in with the Lord or Ashley? Eventually they both get my attention with different inspirations and joys.


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