Monday, November 21, 2011

Lots of Rambling....

Things are going good.  Carter is adjusting well...he's playing, eating, and sleeping perfectly.  Really, couldn't ask for more!

That stuff on his face is like a miracle cream.  Liquid gold in this house.  Read on fmi....
Just a few random thoughts....

Never, ever did I realize that as a parent, I'd be googling things like 'changing my toddlers poop schedule'. Or getting excited about a commercial for Neosporin Lip Healing Cream.  This parenthood stuff is weird, ya know?!

"Wait - I'm not supposed to do this?!"
Did you know I have a bunch of blog groupies in Roseville, CA?  I'm not really sure if blog groupies are similar to Rock & Roll groupies...?  But seriously - I don't understand why anyone who doesn't know me personally would want to read this blog!  I guess it might have something to do with sweet baby Olivia :) (Her family lives in Cali - but she is in Carter's former orphanage - and Jake, Rachel, & I did an 'operation get-a-photo-and-deliver-baby-blanket-to-Olivia' while we were there.  Mission accomplished!).   Anywho.... (do they use lame words like 'anywho' in Cali?  Probably not.  Way too cool for that, right?  Do they use the word 'cool'?  Okay, now I'm intimidated.)..... I'll try to keep it lively for all of you sunny, perky Californians :)

Reading books in our jammies...SO much fun!
I have been getting so many emails from soon-to-be adoptive families!  I love it!  I'm definitely not a pro at this adoption stuff, or even Reece's Rainbow stuff...and I learned everything I know from this woman.  Now SHE is amazing.  But...I do love getting questions about the process!  So please, if you have any - send them my way!  It will give me something to do during nap time :)  Gibsons 15 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net :)  

Okay - this post is all over the place.  Sort of like my mind these last few days.  So....welcome to my world :)  I realize that after a post like this, I just may lose half my followers...ha.  Anyhow - remember the first day we got home - Carter was screaming, and then we realized that my bag (with our camera) was left at the airport?  And remember how the Gander family went to the airport to get it for us?  Yea - I do, too.  So - I got my camera back, and it looks like somebody was having some fun with it.  Please tell me you knew I'd use this as blackmail?!  Really, Ganders - you should know me by now!!

There he is - our very own AWANA commander!  I decided not to post the photo of Jesse sleeping on the recliner with makeup all over his face :) Okay - actually, we really love this guy!  And his amazing wife!  And all 3 of their incredible kids!!  So, the whole family is pretty great.  We tease - but we love.  Laughter is good, good medicine.  And I got a good laugh when I saw this, thanks for being a good sport, Jesse!


While in Ukraine, our amazing, incredible, totally lovable driver - Niko, had a CD that he played.  This song was on almost every time we were in the car.  The first time we heard it - we wanted to laugh, but knew that if it was on a CD, then Niko probably loved it :)

Well guess what?!  I looked it up - and here it is, just for you (and Rach - because I'm pretty sure it's her fave, now!)....

It's grown on me.

"one way way the groove, or - mooooon, or...roooof?...or something...".

Those of you heading to Ukraine soon - I'm sure you'll hear this song.  Think of us, would you?  And may it remind you that you're there, going through some tough stuff - but soon, you'll be HOME with your child...just like us!


Today was Jake's first day back at work.  Which means that it's my first day home alone :)  It's been good.  Although, around 8:30a, I looked at the clock expecting it to be much, much later :)  Boredom has set in....!  I know that once Carter is able to be taken out of the house more often, things will be better.  Lunch with friends, the library, swimming lessons....we'll definitely find ways to keep busy.  But for now, boredom it is!

In fact, Carter was so bored this morning that he fell asleep during play time :)  Only for a few minutes - just enough time to snap a photo!

And can I just say, this is my favorite thing that Carter does right now.  It's the giggle walk, and it's so, so sweet.  It just melts my heart every time....I hope he still reacts this way when he's 16.

Okay, I guess that would be awkward.  So, I'll just say that I hope he keeps doing this for a long time.  Or at least a few months :)

Great, right?!


One Thing I Know For Sure: it :)


  1. well, I have just found your blog over the past few weeks and have loved following along. Carter is such a doll, so now you also have a follower from louisiana.

    Being bored can be good sometimes.

  2. Com'on love...rambling and random is your best write just like you talk and that's what is so great about this blog...don't ever stop. BTY I think it's One Way Ticket to the Blues...maybe? Oh's a catchy little tune...hows it going with Moses? Can't wait to see you again..really miss your hugs..Love ya, Meemom

  3. If you ever want to bring that little cutie out for a playdate, my girls would be happy to share their toys :)

  4. I have had that song stuck in my head forever!! Can't get it out! Rebekah is quite annoyed that I'm playing that and leavin' on a jet plane constantly. But now she's starting to sing "one way ticket" and it's pretty funny... :) Maybe I should take a video of that and you can use it as blackmail too? ;)

  5. Carter just looks so good! I knew he would get healthier as soon as he got home. And he's cute as the dickens. How can he sleep bent in half though?
    Maybe a habit from the orphanage. Oh yeah, poop becomes a daily topic of conversation. You and Jake will talk about it more then you want to know. And yes, the boredom...... you're already a pro at planning, but you'll become even more skilled at activity, activity, activity... fun! But yeah, don't forget time for yourself. It's so crucial in making us better parents.

  6. Awww, so cute! I'm so glad he's home. He looks great. I bet Jake was super excited to come home tonight :)

  7. LOL Love that song - only Niko! :-)

    Elijah has that same set of brown pjs. Love 'em! Love that they are cotton and he doesn't sweat so much in them at night.

    Thank you so much for the extreme compliment, but it's SO not true!

    Did you forget the hyperlink for the stuff for his face? J's cheeks are pretty chapped right now too. Would love ideas to learn from YOU! :-) Hope to see you soon! You know you are welcome anytime out here, but it is definitely not a low-stimuli place. LOL

  8. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! Ashley totally mentioned me on her blog! (Totally, BTW, is a word California peeps use all the time)
    I am TOTALLY a Ashley blog groupie and I am proud to say it! You may actually need to hire some security when you come visit to do some crowd control because we may riot:) Seriously though, I love you guys and there will be no tolerance for any sort of blog lagging!

    PS. "Anywho" isn't a word that we use but we're always looking to start a new trend..


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