Sunday, November 06, 2011

Jello Legs.

This morning...the alarm went off, and I tried to delay the inevitable as long as possible.  I.did.NOT want to get up.  The tiredness has hit me.  On our way to the orphanage, I wondered if my legs could actually carry me all the way there.  It's official - after 14 days, I've got jello legs.  I am totally beat.  Needless to say, I made it there - and those tired legs also managed to get me back home, too.

I realized today how very happy I am to know it will just be a few more days of this.  I do have an updated timeline to share - we should get the court decree on Tuesday, but we probably won't bring him back to the apartment until Thursday or Friday.  This is because we can't bring take him out permanently without a passport...mostly in case he gets sick.  No one would treat him without a passport.  So...we're praying for a super-speedy-quick passport turnaround!  Because I want this boy OUT!

When we got there, Carter was playing in the playroom - we've never really seen him play without us.  He was sitting by some kind of block tower.  Today several nannies motioned to us that they're happy he's starting to walk.  I'm glad that they've noticed how much we've been working with him!

I'm pretty sure they've switched him to a button vest because he keeps unzipping his other vest :)

We brought the sippy cup again, and today - he finished all of it!  He's figured out how to squeeze the spout with his teeth and suck at the same time, and the juice was gone in about 8 minutes.

He also was loving his lion today - who we've named 'Rory' :)  He's been giving it kisses and rocking it in his arms.

Carter and his daddy did lots of wrestling around today.  Carter loves to get silly with daddy, but when he's done, he crawls right up into this mama's arms.  It's the sweetest thing.

On our way home from the orphanage, we were playing a trivia game (remember...gotta keep it interesting!).  Jake was asking Rachel & I questions about sports & this country :)  I was up, 3 to 0, and the last question of the game was for 10 points.  We both answered it correctly - and Jake said "Ashley wins with 13 points!".  "13 points?!" Rach said.  Jake said "...yea...3 plus 10 is...?!"  And with so much confidence - Rachel said "8!".  Ohhhh we all had a good laugh.  I think we're all tired today :)  In her defense, she thought we were splitting the 10 points, which would have given me 8 :)

On the metro, I noticed a girl across from us - she was about 5 or 6, and she had Down syndrome.  Her mom obviously cared very much for her.  She was very clean & well-kept, and her mom kept stroking her face.  I smiled at her, and her mother seemed surprised.  I'm sure she doesn't get a reaction like that very often.  The lady sitting next to this sweet little girl was about to have her hair ripped out by 3 Americans sitting across from her.  The look on her face made me want to puke in her thousand dollar purse.  But it gave us some hope - and it showed us that it IS possible for these families to care for their children with special needs.  I'm sure it's incredibly difficult - but totally possible.


Tonight...dinner with Max!  And after that -'s game day in the Gibson flat!  We've got all the fixin's for nachos...and we plan to have a full-on Packer party!  Starting at 11:15p...and ending, well...ending whenever we fall asleep :)

One Thing I Know For Sure: Naptime, for sure...

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