Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We Got To Visit!

We actually got to see Carter at our visit this morning!  His cough seems very 'wet' (sorry - gross, I know) - so hopefully everything is loosening up.  Also, we noticed the rash on his face is almost gone.

When we went to get him, the nanny said (in English!) 'a guy carried him away'.

Oh!  Okay...!

We realized that she meant something like, he's with the doctor.

Before we left the apartment, we used google translator to write a note to the nannies.  So we showed it to this nanny.  It said "Thank you for taking care of Anton when he's sick.  Please share these chocolates with the other ladies.  And use these diapers for the kids.".  Hopefully the chocolates make it around :)

We went to wait on the couch in the hallway.  As we were sitting there - a man walked by who we had seen on our first day at the orphanage.  That day, he said "You Americans?  USA?  I like America.".  Well, today - he stopped and told us "Good Morning.  I'm glad to see you here.".  We said "Yes, we're adopting a boy."  and he said "Yes.  I know.  Beautiful.".  This guy gets it.

Our visit was good.  Carter wanted to walk/crawl around - but because the nanny asked us to stay by the couch in the hallway, we didn't want him disrupting all the ladies working in their offices.  So we tried our best to keep him on the couch...for two hours.

We were surprised to see that he knows what to do with a pen!  I took the cover off, and he just went crazy.

First thing each visit - he tries his darndest to get his sweater off!

Love this face!

About halfway through our visit, a nanny came to give him a glass of something.  We're pretty sure it was tea, maybe with some kind of medicine mixed in.  She gave it to him out of a regular cup, and he slurped it down.  A lot of it spilled, but we think it was mostly because she was tipping it so much, to get him to drink it quickly.

We're just about to leave for our afternoon visit - and it's raining :(  Bummer!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Our boy sure is sweet!


  1. so glad you were finally able to see your boy!!!!!

  2. Oh Ashley - He is so HANDSOME!!!!!! I Love the picture of Daddy & Carter today - WOW!!!!

  3. Man I AM IN LOVE with that boy....let him know I'm a crier and huger oh and also I love to kiss little ones cheeks, necks and guys all look so happy and comfortable together!! Miss you guys and can't wait for the day to see all 3 of you walk through those gates at the airport :-)

  4. He is so beautiful...God sure creates the most handsome little boys! I am so glad you were able to be with him today. I will be praying for you, I can't even imagine the emotions you will feel as you have to leave him and come home. But that means you are just that much closer to the end of this process and you can bring him home where he belongs. Hugs and Kisses to all 3 of you! NaNa

  5. So happy for you and Carter that you got to see each other again today. I will continue to pray that he feels better. I love all the pictures and so happy to see you all together again.


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