Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Little Excitement

Since we've been in this city, there has been something interesting going on downtown.  It was clear to us that there were two different opinions battling for center stage.  On one side of the dividing line, there are black and white flags, on the other - lots of little tents, and flags with hearts on them.  Both sides have music and speeches blaring from their speakers non-stop - each trying to be louder than the other.

We finally asked Niko what this was all about.  He explained that their ex-prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko had created a utilities monopoly, and also signed some bad contracts with Russia to save face because of her own financial woes.  That's the short story.  Google it for more info :)

The black and white flags are those against Tymoshenko - they believe that she's guilty.  The flags with hearts are, of course, sympathizing with her.  There are rumors that many of those 'supporting' her are actually being paid to do so.

For Tymoshenko

Against Tymoshenko

Today she was sentenced to 7 years in prison, and was banned from holding an office for 3 years after that.  She also has to pay back 1.5 billion hryvnias (about $187 million dollars) to Naftohaz - which is how much the company allegedly lost as a result of the gas contracts.

The feeling in this city was electric.  As 'hyped up' as the crowd has been over the past week...today, the excitement was multiplied by ten.

There were reporters and journalists everywhere.  When we were trying to find someone who spoke english, we were asked 'are you a journalist?' - probably because I had my camera around my neck.  Once I told them I was NOT a journalist, THEN they would stop to talk to us.  
We walked down past Independence Square - and by the time we came back to this area, all the tents and flags were packed up and everyone seemed to be heading home.

It never turned riotous - maybe because there were police everywhere.  We never felt unsafe - although we were prepared to take off toward our apartment if things got crazy.  But once the verdict came out - everyone just headed home.


Tomorrow it seems we can visit Carter at the normal times.  Tomorrow's visits will likely be our last until we return for court.  As of right now, we plan to fly home Thursday morning.  Pray for his little spirit - we will sure miss him until we return.

One Thing I Know For Sure: A little excitement....it takes our mind off of missing our boy!


  1. Oh Ashley, remind me to tell you how much I remember Sherry's and my conversation with Niko about that woman... hahaha remember that Sherry?! :) Of course, how could you forget! I'm glad to hear she was sentenced; definitely the best for the situation and country according to Niko ;)

  2. You know, they were demostrating when we were there in June! WOW! That is persistence! Glad it's finally over. It will make your walk down Kreshatik (sp?) a little more boring though. :-)

    Praying all goes well tomorrow with his visit. Praying for your hearts too...


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