Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sleeping Boys...Nothing Better!

This afternoon's visit started with a sweet surprise...we got to his groupa and went in, just like we always do.  One of the doors to the left that is always closed, was open.  We looked in and there was a nanny - helping a little lady get her shoes on.  This was the nap room!  We asked for Anton and she motioned that he was sleeping.  We motioned back and asked if we could see him.

What a treat.

There he was, in the bed just to the left of the door.  All curled up, sleeping like a baby.

Ask me if I thought to take a picture.

Nope :)  Ugh!

We were surprised to see that he was in a toddler bed with sides - not a crib.  Either way, we will put him in a crib at home.  Especially since he'll sleep on the first floor, and we'll sleep on the second (well...when he's moved out of our bedroom).

Then we handed over the bag of bananas we brought for the kids, and went to wait on the couch.  He came out about 10 minutes later.

This visit, we found a new game - it's called 'pretend to drink water'.  That's about all he wanted to do today.  He understands that the cap needs to be twisted off, and he tries very hard to do it.  I'm sure he's rarely, if ever, drank straight water.

And from our morning visit...Carter using the pen :)  Just because it's too cute not to post!

It's this dark out by the time we get home (around 6:45p).  The city really is beautiful!  On our way to our humble, quaint apartment - we walk past stores like Chanel.  It's a bit ironic.  This photo is taken just outside of Chanel. 

All of our paperwork was submitted to court today.  The adoption friendly judge said she will try to make this her case.  We will know tomorrow around 4:00p.  That means we are staying tomorrow for sure.  If we find out that this judge will hear our case, then we will know our court date tomorrow (and it could be as early as NEXT WEEK!  CRAZY!).  If our case will be assigned to a judge by the computers, then Yulia said we should plan on going home on Friday - because it will be several weeks.

Of course, we are praying that we will get this adoption friendly judge, and that she will have an opening this coming week.  Really - that would be a miracle.  But it sounds like it's entirely possible.

Praying - praying - praying!  We are SO willing to stay another week if it means we can get through court!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Work it out, Lord!!


  1. Still following your blog here in Kansas, and praying, praying, praying! Can't wait for Carter to come home with you!

  2. Hi Ashley,
    I'm in SE Wisconsin and have been following your blog for several months now. I'm so proud of you and your husband! I just learned of RR this year and am actively contributing to a few kiddos there. I'd be curious to hear or see pictures of what life is like inside the orphanage. Do they let you see and take pictures of this or are you just kept outside the doors? Maybe take a picture of Jake with something in the background! For example, when you said you saw the sleeping quarters.
    Good luck and I enjoy the updates. Carter is so sweet!

  3. Wow, praying so hard that you get the adoption friendly judge AND that she has an opening soon!! That would be so wonderful!!!

  4. Oh Sweety...I will be on my knees praying for this!! That would be so incredible! It would get him home all the sooner!!!

    Is that the puppy I see him laying on...when did you give it to him?

    Love, NaNa

  5. You know I'm prayin' here too!

    Love ya!

  6. Okay, so I finally got caught up on your trip... believe me, I am thinking about you guys all the time! I went back and watched the video of Carter sucking on his tongue, and I cried. Rylee does the very same thing... still at almost 8 years old, she will do that when she is tired. She often puts her blanket up to her mouth and does it. It's so precious, and I just cried thinking of how HE is YOUR Rylee. I feel so connected to you guys it's just bizarre. Or totally awesome. (Or totally creepy, I guess! :) I am sending good thoughts about this next news about court! HUGS to you both!


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