Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pitter Patter of Little Feet :)

Can I be honest?  I've been tired.  Really tired, I think.  I slept terribly last night, and woke up mega-crabby tired.  I think it's the fact that the emotion from court hasn't quite settled down yet, and the jet lag still rears its ugly head every so often.  Well today, after our morning visit - I took a nap.  And I woke up a whole new woman!  Thank the Lord - because I know it was wearing on me - and I'm sure it was wearing on Jake & Rach, too!

We walked to our afternoon visit, all in agreement that it would be really, really, really nice to have a car.  The walking is getting old.  We're pretty sure it's about 4.5 miles a day, plus four 15-minute metro rides.  You can only see the same buildings and sidewalks so much!

When we got to the orphanage, we decided to just hang out on the couch.  It seems to upset the staff too much to ask them to unlock the playroom.  Although, they are upset if we sit on the couch in the hallway, too.

Carter greeted me with some giggles again when the nanny brought him to us, and he was pretty giggly throughout the whole visit.

Just love when this tongue makes an appearance :)

Also love when I get a second or two to give this boy some love.
Love to love him!

Love his little vest...don't you? We just laughed when we saw it.  Not sure if it's a vest or bathrobe...but either way, it's pretty silly :)

We brought some of his jeans along to try on today, and I'm sorry we didn't get photos...because he looked absolutely adorable!  They fit perfectly - 2T it is!

About halfway into our visit, a nanny came out with a plate of mashed apples.  She wanted us to see her feed Carter!  He ate slowly and cautiously, probably because he wasn't in his groupa.  And also, probably because we were there.  But it was good to see him eat.

Notice how tenderly the nanny strokes his cheek?  I didn't get the feeling that she was putting on a 'show' for us...I think God has answered our prayers of the nannies favoring our boy.

Thanks for the fam photo, Rachel :)
We also practiced walking some more, and my oh my!  This guy is really getting the hang of it!  Toward the end of our visit, he walked totally unassisted and unprompted from the couch to me.  It really won't be long!

Yes, I'm sitting on a giant pig.  The floor is cold.... okay?!  :)

Now, we just finished a dinner of pork and cheesy risotto (made by Jake!) was so good!  Tomorrow we'll probably go to both visits...can't wait to see our boy again!

A few funny things from today...Rachel bought some tea at the store.  So this morning, Jake made her a cup.  He said 'here is the sugar - and this one is the salt'.  Rachel put some sugar in...only to find that it wasn't sugar.  Ha.  We all had a good laugh about her salty tea :)  

Also - Sarah B - Jake must really be missing you today!  He keeps calling Rachel 'Sarah' :)  

Thanks to all of you for following along!  Much love to you!

One Thing I Know For Sure: This boy's going to be walking like crazy in no time!


  1. God has really answered your prayers. I got teary watching the nanny feed him! Love you all.

  2. Well, Ben must be missing Rachel, because he called me Rachel several times last night!!! :)

  3. Hope your bonding time continues to go well! It does seem like Carter has had good care which means everything to aid his attaching to you. I don't think I've told you how CUTE your boy is!!!!! Oh my. Those eyes, that smile:)

  4. Yay for naps!!! YAY for that sweet nanny!!! YAY for giggles and pitter patter of little feet! :-)


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