Friday, October 28, 2011

*Yaaawn*.....Oh, Sorry....!

This morning, Jake had two very tired girls on his hands :)  Rachel and I both slept in a little bit, but were up in time to make it to the orphanage by our 9:30a visit.

When we got to the orphanage, we decided to ask about getting the playroom unlocked.  Well, boy oh boy.  You would have thought that we asked her for a million dollars!  She was not happy.  It's a playroom, for pete's sake!!  Isn't that what it's there for?!  Ok, done ranting :)

So she hesitantly went to unlock it, and brought Carter down a few minutes later.  This time, he seemed much more comfortable in this room.  He only snuggled for a few minutes before he was ready play.  One of our reasons for wanting to be in this room was so that we could work on his walking on a carpeted area.  When we have him walk in the hallway, he sometimes leans his body and walks away from us - and falls on the tile.  He's not really gotten hurt, but we if we think the nannies are angry now...well...we'd hate to see them after we return Carter with a bruise on his head.

I LOVE to get hugs after I take a few steps.
I love that my mama and daddy cheer for me. They really go crazy!
Nobody has ever done that for me before.

Sometimes, even I cheer!  It's so fun!

And I love when my mama kisses me.  I press my little cheek to her, as hard as I can.
Nobody has ever kissed me like this before.

Even Carter is starting to feel like our visits are becoming today, he played with Rachel's shoe, instead of his :)  Gotta mix it up a bit!

It was incredibly exciting :)

He's starting to get the hang of the iPad, and gets excited when we pull it out.  This will come in very handy on the plane :)

On the way home from the orphanage, I don't think we said more than 5 words to each other!  The whole walk back, all we heard were yawns :)  We got on the metro, and we all dozed off a little bit!  Rachel even said that if she laid her head on the handrail of the escalator, she could probably fall asleep :)  So - naps for all, today - and maybe just an evening relaxing at the apartment tonight.  Don't judge, please.  Yes - we want to spend as much time with Carter as we can - but we will be no good to him if we're exhausted.  And in about 11 days, we'll be bringing him into our apartment - we REALLY don't want to be exhausted, then.

We decided to stop for lunch at the 'Native' Buffet :)  We had two sayings during lunch.  "I have no idea what this is - but it's good!" and also "This would be so much better if it were hot.".  We probably would have even settled for 'luke warm' :)  Overall, it was a good lunch, and the food was very authentic.  So...a good experience, I suppose :)

By the way...we did the math last night!  Almost wish we wouldn't have :)  We thought we were walking about 4 miles a day...ha.  Turns out, it's more like 3.5 miles per visit :)  So, about 7 miles a day, that is - if we're just going to the orphanage and back.  This trip, we've walked about 20 miles.  That could be why we're a bit tired :)


The other night I found this song while browsing YouTube...I just can't get enough!  It's so interesting being here - on the other side of the world...and then listening to all these languages.  It really makes me realize how small our world is, and how connected we all are.  We're more alike than different, people!

We're pretty sure that around 1:10-1:20 is the Russian portion.

Makes us even more excited to visit Hillsong...which I think is tomorrow.  Pretty sure they have Saturday services.


One Thing I Know For Sure: Rach & I are about to listen to the audio book of 'Radical' - we'll let you know how it is!  (Sorry, it's getting hard to come up with catchy sayings at the end of each post!)


  1. we are in country at the same time as you, just about 15 hours to the east!! But I have been reading Radical as well, and the other couple, the Basile's who we are with brought the audio series will knock your socks off! Just thought it was funny we are all reading/listening to it!

  2. And we are all adopting!!'s

    Just FYI.

  3. Man that is a TON of walking....11 more days....WOW amazing. Oh and Radical is amazing!! it will change how you look at everything in life. Hope you enjoy it!!!


  4. I LOVE the video of him hustling right on over to Mama. He's progressing right along, and clearly loving it! It's so great to see the bonding in action! Love love love this post!


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