Saturday, October 08, 2011

New Apartment!

Well - no morning visit today.  We walked all the way to the metro - at least a 25 minute walk.  Jake pulled out his wallet to buy some metro tokens, and his phone rang.  It was Niko.

"Jake - you move today."

"Yes - after our morning visit"

"No, no, no - I come get you now"

Okay, then!  So we booked it back up the hill to our apartment, scrambled to get our stuff packed, and sat around for 20 minutes or so while the owner cleaned the apartment and we waited for Niko.  He came around 10a - and by the time we got settled in to our new apartment, it was 11a.  So - we had to skip the morning visit with Carter.  Which is such a bummer to miss our very first visit!  But we will go see him this afternoon from 4 to 6.  Can't wait!

Here are some photos of our new apartment.  We feel blessed - it's very nice - very big - and fairly clean :)  It's also MUCH closer to Friday's and our metro stop.  Can't ask for more!!

Kitchen & Dinette

Dinette & Balcony

Huge - huge - HUGE bedroom

Livingroom (with mysterious brown stains all over the carpet & couch...!)

The nice clean bathroom

Our view from the balcony

Our view from the bedroom - not quite as nice :)
Overall, we really like it.  Unfortunately, this building doesn't have the luxury of an elevator like our last one did.  But we're only up 3 floors, so it's no big deal.

Also missing in this apartment (that we totally lucked out in the last one...)  - a fan.  Some crazy fan-loving American's must have rented our last apartment and left their fan behind.  No such luck this time :) Either we'll try to buy one, or use the air conditioner in our bedroom.

We are so glad to know that we'll be here until we leave.  It was hard in our last apartment, never knowing when we were going to pack up and leave.  We never really unpacked - we just sort of lived out of our suitcases and our ziploc toiletry bags!  It will be good to unpack our clothes this time :)

Also - today we noticed (on our long, long, long walk to the metro...and on our long, long, long walk back...!) there are police everywhere.  It's craziness.  Usually we pass one or two police officers -but today, they were everywhere.  We asked Niko why, and he said there's a new stadium opening tonight, and "Shakira" will be performing. The Prime Minister will be here, along with all the political heads, etc.  All for Shakira :)

Lastly - would you all say a prayer for Jake?  He hasn't been sleeping great, and he's had an upset tummy all day.  No good to be sick when you're away from home :(  AND missing all the Brewer excitement..!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Glad to be done with that treacherous walk every day!!! I'm sure it was uphill both ways!!  :)


  1. It looks great! LOVE all that pantry space! :-) I know you will enjoy having the separate rooms too.

  2. It looks like you moved into Ikea!

    Kim at

  3. We're so thrilled for you two, it's very emotional for all of us. We're loving you and Praising God!
    Gotta say the kitchens popping, and the view is architecturaly inspiring!
    Todd and Tammy

  4. Praying for a wonderful visit with Carter, praying for the homesickness to ease, and praying for Jake to feel better.
    So happy about your new place, it looks great :)


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