Saturday, October 08, 2011

A Laugh!

Today's visit was good - but first, some background.

As you'll know from the last post, we missed our morning visit because of the apartment move.  No big deal.

Well...when we left for our afternoon visit, it started to rain.  No - it started to POUR.

It rained the whole walk to the metro, and the whole walk from the metro to the orphanage.

For those of you coming to this city, and adopting from this orphanage - be sure you're CLEAR about how to walk from the metro to the orphanage.  We thought we knew - but when it's pouring, and people are running around like crazy, it's hard to really remember.  We didn't get lost, but we did get pretty turned around.  Eventually, (after about 5 or 6 minutes) we regained our bearings and went on our way.  It's about a 10 minute walk to the metro, a 15 minute metro ride, and then about a 15 minute walk to the orphanage.  I will be glad to have a car again, when we get back home :)

The gate and woods outside his orphanage

Some of the flowers on the orphanage grounds

This ramp leads up to his groupa

This is his door

When we got to the orphanage, we walked into Carter's groupa - he's number 6.

We gave the nanny some diapers and our permission slip - she seemed very sweet.  We peeked around the corner, and there was Carter!  On the potty!  He's wearing underwear, and he wore them the whole visit - but we know that doesn't mean he's potty trained :)  He'll definitely be wearing diapers the minute he leaves that place :)

When he was done, the nanny told us (in Russian - they speak NO english!) to stay in the hallway with him.  There's a couch there, and we thought - greeaaat...he's going to be bored to death.  WHAT are we going to do with him for two hours?!

Well...he was totally content to just sit on the couch with us!  We walked around with him for a little bit - but he was happy just hanging out.

His name was written on each shoe ....'Anton'.

And - we got a laugh!  Right at the end of our visit :)

I'm pretty sure we've already figured out a way to keep Carter occupied on the plane :)  Give him a kleenex, and he'll be happy for hours.  He played with this kleenex on and off for the whole visit!

Back to the groupa...until tomorrow :)
All in all, a good visit!  Can't wait for tomorrow!

One Thing I Know For Sure: I really, really, REALLY hope it doesn't rain tomorrow!!! :)


  1. He's adorable!! I love the giggle, so sweet!

  2. SO cool he was in the same groupa as Lil! If you didn't already, you'll have to bring in updates on her. The nannies would love that! :-)

    And oh my, he is just adorable. That is wonderful he sat so well for you on the couch. :-) Go Carter!

  3. What a sweetheart!! I just love him so much. Since the first day I saw him listed on Reece's Rainbow I fell in love with him!! Love the laugh, the smile, and oh my goodness, I love how gentle he seems as he wipes his little nose and face. Too cute!! *hugs*

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    In case your mother forgot to tell you when you were growing up... if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.
    Little children like Carter are sweet and loving it is YOU who could learn something from them.

  5. Aww he's adorable!! He has the cutest smile and laugh :) Love this little guy! ♥

  6. How precious he is. So sorry I see something mean on your blog. Must be a really unhappy person to try to bring sadness to you in such a joyful time. I hope you just ignore it and keep you eyes focused on the amazing wonderful journey you are on!!!!! Keep posting lots of pics of your trip we're taking notes!!! And no more rain!!

  7. Oh my goodness he is absolutely beautiful!! I am in LOVE!!!! The potty pictures are killing me!

  8. Loving this post! Loving this little guy! Soon after you left the old apartment (our new one) we heard thunder and I was thinking of you guys, remembering you'd have a later visit. Ah! I looked up the forecast here and it's supposed to be rainy and cloudy for some time. :( On another note we thought we washed our clothes last night - but they are dry in the washer. I don't know if we have to turn a knob or setting or what! Did you figure it out?


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