Saturday, October 08, 2011

For Those Coming After Us...Part 2 :)

A few more things I've thought of in our 6 days here. Wow - has it really been 6 days?!  Crazy!!

You will see this word everywhere!  In the roman alphabet - it looks like 'hotapiyc'.
I asked Niko what it meant and he laughed.
"Everyone asks me that!  It's not 'Hot Topic'!  It's said 'notary'".
It's a notary office - and they're everywhere! 
I'm not sure if I've posted this photo yet or not.  I just wanted to show the traffic in this city.  To the right of this photo, there are another 4-5 lanes of traffic going in the other direction.  BUT - oddly enough, these people DO obey the crosswalk rules.  Obviously, don't run out in front of traffic - but if there is a break in traffic (even just a small one!) you can feel safe to walk out into the street.  Also - people here obey the green/red 'its okay to cross person' on the stoplights.  If it's red -don't even try crossing. In America - it makes no difference.  You just go whenever.  Here - obey the signs. 

Before we got here, I read tons of info about what we should bring for clothing in order to try to fit in.  HA!  That's pretty much a joke, in my opinion :)  Unless you want to wear shoes like this everywhere you go, don't even bother.  You will walk differently - eat differently - ride the metro differently - than all of these people.  They will know instantly that you're not from here - and that's okay.  Not one person has been rude to us (yet!).  Honestly - just dress how you would dress at home.  Never sloppy - but sweatpants are okay.  Tennis shoes are okay (and necessary!).  Sweatshirts are okay.  Really, you're just not going to fit in.

Here's Friday's!  We spend our fair share of time here :)

Anybody know what this says?  Anybody?
"Papa Johns"! Haven't tried it yet, but it looks good!

Celentano's (pronounced 'CHelentano's).  Yummy pizza - SUPER cheap.  But I would asks for the thick crust.
There are several of these in Kiev.  You will see one of them by the SDA.
All of these 3 restaurants are on the same street corner.
By the way - 'restaurant' looks like 'pectopah' in cyrillic.  Good to know :)

That's all for now :)  More later!

One Thing I Know For Sure: I seriously cannot believe we've been here 6 days....


  1. Hey, guess I get to be the first one today!

    Oh yes, the notaries are EVERYWHERE!!! It wasn't until my 2nd trip that I found out what it meant. LOL

    Love Celetanos too! Let me know how Papa Johns is. :-) Hope you have a great visit this afternoon!

    Love ya!

  2. The one saving grace for me for when we travel there is that I can read cyrillic. I don't always know what I'm reading, unless I say the word out loud (which usually comes out slowly) and can match the sound in English in my head. I knew that said "notary" off the bat. :-)

    Another great blog post, thank you for the tips (and I would NEVER wear those shoes, ha ha)!


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