Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Exploring!

Tonight was fun...we went out to explore the city a bit more.  There is so much to see, and really - so little time to see it!  We are just trying to take it all in!

We heard that Kreschatyk (the main street) is closed to traffic on Saturday and Sunday - so we wanted to head down there in the evening.  There are lights all over the streets, and you can walk up and down Kreschatyk.  We just had to go!

The view outside our kitchen window.

Jake likes this Porsche store.

The buildings and architecture are really beautiful!

This is the symbol for Ukraine - and their colors are blue and yellow.  These street lights line the street.
We loved all the music on the street.  There were 3 sets of musicians within a half mile.  We laughed when we heard this - the chicken dance is a universal language!

Rachel & I, standing in the street.

Jake & I in the street.

Kreschatyk at night.  Beautiful!

For dinner, we went to El Patio...delicious!!  Does this look familiar, December 2010 adopting families?

I ordered pasta.  Let me tell you - I didn't realize how much I loved pasta until I've lived without it for weeks!  This pasta was delicious! Jake and Rach split a pizza...they said it was the best they've ever had!

This restaurant was super...the atmosphere was great.  It felt like a restaurant in America.  The prices were a little more 'American'...but it was worth it!  I would recommend it, for those of you coming after us.  It's right next to Friday's.

While we were walking the streets today, I realized that some day, our memories and experiences will be the only connection that Carter has to his country and his culture.  It made me feel a little less 'guilty' about missing visits to explore.

Since we had to set our clocks back, its very dark at 6:00p - which is when we leave the orphanage.  We decided that after evening visits, we'll call a taxi.  We feel safe walking around Kreschatyk at night, but not so much near the orphanage.


Tomorrow we'll sleep in a little, and head out for some souvenir shopping.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Love this city more & more each day!


  1. What beautiful pictures! Glad you're enjoying the city and food! I can relate and understand about the monotony! It won't be long:)

  2. Beautiful pictures...We love seeing them along with the videos. It's almost like we are there with you following your wonderful journey.

    Lisa H.

  3. Yay for El Patio! Love that place! :-) Beautiful to see the street all lit up like that at night...and it's not even Christmas yet. :-) And you are right, you shouldn't feel "guilty" about exploring for exactly the reason you mentioned. I do wish we would have done more of that in E's city, but it was cold and yucky. And in J's city - there was nothing TO explore. LOL Hang in there! Love to you all!

  4. HA! :) I bet it gets really dark by the orphanage at night. When we were there, the sun stayed up until 10pm. It was AWESOME, but there were some very hot days too!!! I can't imagine being there in the Fall or Winter, but it looks gorgeous. Il Patio was so good when I went there with the Goldens and Sherry & Keegan White. It's great to see you guys exploring. We had the same idea about learning everything we could about the culture to share it with Micah. And as much as we loved visiting, those visits got very long and monotonous sometimes. It sounds like you guys are balancing JUST right ;)


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