Sunday, October 30, 2011

Same Old, Same Old...

The monotony has set in.  I'm not even sure what to blog anymore!  Every visit is pretty much the same.  Take a few steps, play on the iPad, take a few more steps, play in the sink, sit at the table, take more steps, give a few snuggles, play 'make Carter giggle', take a few more steps, play on the get the idea :)  We LOVE visiting our boy, and we LOVE spending time with him.....but it's getting hard to come up with new things to do :)

Ah, yes.  The ongoing search for something fun to do sometimes results in ideas like this:

Ridiculous, I know - considering he barely fits.  But he liked the buttons, so it turned out okay :)

Yes - he is laying on the sink.  He just could NOT get enough!

Every once in a while now, he'll laugh out loud - just randomly.  For the fun of it.  He would have NEVER done that before.  NEVER.  He is blossoming, and we're loving it!

On the walk home, I freaked out a little when I saw a kid with a gun!  Okay, it was a fake gun, and once I realized that important fact, I got a kick out of watching him point the red laser in places that lasers should never be pointed :)  Little stinker.  


I think I mentioned once that Rachel and I have been listening to 'Radical' by David Platt...usually while Jake is napping :)  He'll listen to it, too - sometime before we get home.  Anyhow - so far, it's incredible.  Really, really love it.  We're only on the second chapter (ha!)  but I would already recommend it to everyone!  

Also - did I mention that we had to set our clocks back last night?  So now we're only 7 hours ahead of everyone at home.  Well...until you all set your clocks back next week :)

That's all for now.  I'm absolutely napping today :)'s 4:23p here - and nap, I did.  For over 2 hours.  And then realized that I never posted my blog!  Sorry for the late post :)  

One Thing I Know For Sure: Ready to bust this boy outta there!  9 days & counting!  


  1. Would he be able to use some crayons if you took him a small box and some paper (if they sell these at the market)?


  2. Same old same old is is preparing you to come home to a better routine!!! We don't want you liking is so much there..that you stay!!!!
    Think of the days left in terms of "sleeps left" for Carter in the 9 sleeps left?!
    Have I told you lately how VERY proud I am of you?! I love you my sweet children!!!

  3. Can't wait to see him playing at HOME! He's changed so much already!

  4. Oh my goodness! Carter's face and expressions with the bubbles are so funny!

  5. I was reminded of your post tonight as I finished the Hague course on Attachment. The visits may be getting repetitive and somewhat boring for you, but I'm sure that's not the case for your little guy. He'll thrive with the predictability and structure you're providing as well as gain the trust in you necessary to attach strongly.
    Hang in there. The end is in sight. Also, it may be God's way of preparing you for the zillionth time Carter asks you to read the same book once you're home... Toddlers thrive on predictability and repetition... Mommies not so much :o)


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