Sunday, October 09, 2011


I got my first mean-spirited comment on this blog.

Left anonymously, of course.  It's since been deleted, and won't be repeated - because it doesn't deserve any space on this blog.

I knew it would happen - and actually, I'm surprised it took this long.

For the life of me, I don't understand why someone would be reading this blog in the first place if they didn't know us, know our child, love us, advocate for special needs adoptions, or have a love for the orphan.  Really?  Do you not have better things to do with your time?!

I guess the fact that this ugly person is reading this blog shows that there is some level of interest.  Maybe this person is seeing something here that they don't see anywhere else. Who knows.

Move along, ugliness.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Did you think that lame comment would affect us?  Did you think it would make us rethink what we're doing?  Crazy fool....


  1. Love you Ashley!!!! You guys are amazing and I pity the "fool" who thinks that a nasty comment on a blog will do nothing but make you stronger... Laugh's totally on them!

  2. Boo for mean comments! Glad you're not letting it slow you down one bit!

  3. Like Papa says Good in, good out...Evil in Evil out!!! Obviously this person who decided to leave such an ugly comment feeds Evil in. God chase after this person and Holy spirit haunt them!!

  4. Stay strong!!! My husband and I are in the crazy-beautiful process of adopting sweet little Josie through RR and your blog has given us more encouragement, excitement and hope than I can begin to describe!!! :) God has you on a journey that MOST people won't understand.. your life is an example of TRUE faith & obedience and with that comes persecution... keep on CHARGING for HIM!! :) We are praying for you guys and sweet Carter daily!!

  5. Good for you for not letting anything mar your joy in this beautiful journey. And for what it's worth: there are those of us reading whom you have never met who are encouraged, blessed and committed to prayer for your precious family. Just keep loving on that little guy...pity those who are so unhappy they have nothing nice to say.
    God bless all three of you...what a beautiful family God has given you. Your boy is simply gorgeous and already learning to love his mommy and daddy, and the rest of us are just eating it up!!!

  6. It is a sad state of affairs when someone has nothing better to do with their time then search blogs to post mean and hateful things.
    We love you, we love Carter, and we are so happy you are going to be his forever family.

  7. Carter is beautiful and perfect!! He will be such a blessing to your family!!! As far as the ugly comment, I seriously think there is a RR stalker who goes around to family blogs and leaves evil comments just to stir up emotions. Shame on them! But just know, it's nothing personal....they are doing it to a lot of families :(

  8. Hurray for you!!! Gotta feel bad for someone that miserable. So glad you are moving on and just loving your sweetie!! Now, am I imagining it or does he get just absolutely more adorable eveyday!

  9. Random internet trolls... or maybe not so random. Either way, still a knucklehead of no consequence!

    I have been sooooo behind on my reading, and I finally just sat down to check on your blog. WHOA! I've missed a lot! It's raining here in MA, so I just got a cup of hot coffee and I can't WAIT to catch up and see how you're doing!!!


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