Sunday, October 09, 2011

Another Rainy Visit...

We walked in the rain again this morning - but this time we had umbrellas.  It really wasn't that bad.  I think the 'American' in us is fading a bit, as we realize that it's okay to 'stroll' when we walk, instead of book it full steam ahead.  That has made the walks more enjoyable, and we feel like we can actually soak in the surroundings instead of just get there asap.

Our visit was good.  But our boy...well...he isn't so good.  He's sick.  He's got a cough, but nothing really comes up.  It has a 'croup' sound to it.  I know the sound well...and I'm almost sure this is it.  Does it sound different in Eastern Europe...?!  :)  I don't know.  We noticed it a bit yesterday, but this morning was worse.  His skin was clammy, and he was only interested in laying on my chest.  It was good bonding, but it's hard to know that he's sick and we can't do anything about it.

This was the majority of our meeting.  Poor guy :(

However, we found something else that Carter likes very much.......  :)

He LOVED listening to music.  He learned very quickly that these ear buds go in his ears.  Of course, he tried his mouth, too - but I said 'nyet' once or twice, and he never tried it again.  Good boy!

He also loved my scarf that I had.  I think it was probably the softest thing he's ever felt in his life.  Of course, because there are no dryers here, all the clothes/blankets/etc are scratchy and rough.  He just kept rubbing his hands on my scarf, and rubbing it on his face.

And he loved rubbing the palm of Jake's hand and his arms.  It was like he was just soaking up all the touch that he could.  Carter's hands are surprisingly smooth and soft...we expected them to be very rough and dry.  Maybe his feet will be a different story.

He looked at some photos of our other boy, too :)  Mimi, Poppy, & Uncle Ben - tell Big Brother that Little Brother likes him!

Carter even gave Moses a kiss!!

Okay, maybe he was just exploring...not kissing.  Whatever :)

 What was he listening to?  This song.....  :)

When we took him back to his groupa - he cried.  He cried for us.  He didn't want us to leave.  Oh how that does our hearts good.


Many have asked how big we think Carter is.  Honestly, it's hard to tell under all those clothes!  We think he'll wear size 18 months to 24 months.  We're sure that soon after he's home, he'll ditch the 18 months and just be a straight 2T.

Many have also asked about all those layers!!  All I can say is that it's just a cultural thing.  Usually he's wearing a tshirt, a long sleeve shirt, and a sweatshirt.  Yesterday he was wearing tights under his pants, but today he was wearing tights under his shorts.  Tights are also a cultural thing - not necessarily an 'orphanage' thing.  The hat is the same - it's just cultural to bundle up, I guess.  Although there was no hat today.  Probably because they knew we'd stay inside due to the rain.  But it's just what they do here.  The adults are much the same - Jake has been very comfortable (until today) in shorts and a tshirt.  Everyone else is wearing pants, boots, fur coats, etc.  It's just cultural.

We also traced his foot today so that we can successfully buy him shoes when we're back in the US.  If you're coming after us, I would recommend doing this.  Clothes are easier to guess about - shoes, not so much!

On our way home from the orphanage, we decided to try the McDonalds by the metro.  Everyone is right - it tastes EXACTLY like at home.  Even the ketchup is the same!  They didn't speak english, but when we said 'cheeseburger' they seemed to know.  Well...they must have, because they got it right!  We've noticed that if we start out by saying 'english?' people are much more forgiving.  They usually giggle at us - but it's better than being angry with us, I guess!

One Thing I Know For Sure: It's nap time!!


  1. We are so encouraged by your blog!! Thank you for your posts.. We will be there early next year and are going for "Finn". Can't WAIT! :-D God bless you on this journey! Your son is absolutely adorable. We are praying for y'all!

  2. Poor boy...praying for his healing (and your protection). He sounds so smart! That's awesome he is crying for you already. Ok, well, it probably doesn't feel awesome, but I think it's a good sign. You know, Elijah NEVER did that once in 3+ weeks we were visiting. Shea did, but he didn't. LOL

    Umbrellas and strollin' are a good thing. :-) Hope your nap was great! Things went great last night. Hoping to hear a number this morning! Yay God!

  3. Aww... I always feel so bad when our sweet girl is under the weather because I enjoy it so much! I don't like that she isn't feeling well, but the snuggling and cuddling is just unprecedented. She will sit on my lap for hours and just cuddle and she NEVER does that when she's healthy! I suppose it's just God's way of giving blessings in the midst of difficulty.

    And poor guy that he misses you! I will pray that God gives him supernatural peace in knowing that you will always come back for him.

  4. Poor sweet baby. I will be praying he makes a quick recovery.
    Sounds like you guys are adjusting well over there, I love how upbeat and positive you always seem.

  5. I know you don't know me, but I have followed your story every since you committed to him. I used to watch him on reeces rainbow and pray his forever family would find him soon. You two seem like great people and I am so excited for all of you. I am very sorry to read about the mean comment. There is a reason God has brought the three of you together and enjoy it. Please don't let what others think even enter your mind. I have been reading your blog for ever and I have never commented before. I am not sure why but I haven't until I read that part about the mean comment. God Bless each one of you! I continue to pray that everything can go as well as it can :)


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