Thursday, September 08, 2011

It's Kind of A Big Deal...

Tonight, Jake and his brother Ben are some place very special :)

In Wisconsin, tonight is kind of a big deal.

Tonight, the Packer's kick off the opening of the NFL season.  If you remember (and if you're from Wisconsin, you DO remember...) - the Packers won the Super Bowl last year.

Jake's parents (or - should I say - Jake's mom) have season Packer tickets - which is also kind of a big deal. BUT - the tickets for this game were given away.  So we planned to have a pizza night at home and enjoy the game.

Until Ben found out yesterday that he won two tickets to tonights game!!!!!

When I found out....I was SO excited for them!!  I'm so glad they're able to go together and just have fun. It should be a great game...!!

A part of me wishes I was there with them.

But - I have big plans for tonight, too.

I will wake up in the morning with white splotches in my hair and sore, jello arms.

That's right - I'm painting.

A room that should have been painted 5 years ago when we moved in.  Anyone who is remodeling their home knows that the bedroom is always the last room to be touched.  Because nobody ever sees it.  And it can wait.

Well this ugly, sad room has waited long enough.

This is a huge - HUGE room...which translates to TONS of painting.  But tonight, I'm gonna git 'er done.

And I'm certain that the entire night, I'll be asking myself why we didn't do this 5 years ago.  Because I definitely have bigger fish to fry right now - but I don't want to tackle this job when we have a 3 year old running around.  Because that sounds even less fun....

So, the last-minute squeeze, it is.  Because that's how the Gibson's do it.


As I think about getting ready to travel...I realize that we won't be able to use our 'usual' vacation language.  "Por Favor" and "Si - Gracias SeƱor" won't get us very far.

I've made flash cards, along with some basic sign language cards, with the english word and the russian pronunciation.  I feel like I'm cramming for a high school test.

Lorrrrd, help me!  It's just not coming easily.  At all.  I'm hoping to have plenty of study time on the plane.

Talk about cramming!!


It's September.  My favorite month.  The air is crisp.  Sweaters are required for late night walks.  Things like apple crisp and carmel apple cider are everywhere....and I love it.

And....I think it's safe to say that we'll travel to see our boy 'this month'.  No longer 'next month', but 'this month'.

Yes - there is some glitch at the SDA - not with our paperwork, but with adoptions in general.

Am I worried?

No.  I'm totally confident that it will be worked out before it can affect us.  And if it's not worked out - then we just roll with it.  Because that's what we do.

But we're praying, nonetheless.

Okay...praying like crazy :)


I saw this posted on Facebook the other day, and I loved it.  Had to share....


I'm off to paint.  And paint some more.  And some more.

I'm tired just thinking about it :)

One Thing I Know For Sure:  I'm just dawdling in this post...wasting time until I can announce the "we have a travel date!" post...bear with me!!


  1. I LOVE that video...have for several years now. Oh, how I pray we get the chance to meet over there!

  2. We are waiting with you, because we are held up for the same reasons! All I know is, there will be a lot of little DS children leaving that country at the same time!!! (because we will all hopefully be receiving travel dates after Monday)

  3. Just stopped by to tell you that your Carter was one of the first kiddos I fell in love with on RR. I found him last fall and COULD NOT believe he wasn't snatched up right away. He is completely precious, and I am so glad he has a mommy and daddy coming for him. I'm excited to follow your journey. We are on our own adoption journey. We hope to adopt two kiddos with HIV. We were submitted June 2, so we're "stuck" waiting on the new special needs list.


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