Friday, August 05, 2011

Waiting Game...

I strongly dislike waiting on other people.  Who are in no hurry to get us what we need.

That means no golden ticket yet.  Because we're waiting for approval of our homestudy addendum, so we can send it to our USCIS case worker.  That's ALL we need to get our golden ticket.

But I guess it's okay, because we're also waiting for approval for a good chunk of our dossier documents...and we can't send them to get apostilled until we have them approved, first.

So....we're waiting.

This is probably the difference between traveling in September vs. traveling in October.

Strongly dislike.


I have a vacation day today - yippee!  Today was going to be the day of my shower (yes - I'm having a family is so sweet in throwing me one!).  We had to postpone it until September.  It's a long story...another story about waiting on someone else!  :)  BUT - we initially wanted to have the shower in September, and thought we'd be long gone by then (in Carter's country).  So it worked out fine.

Since there is no shower to prepare for...I planned to spend time preparing all of our documents to be apostilled...but I guess I can't do that. That means I'll spend my day cleaning...doing laundry...and if I'm lucky, lunch with my sweets.  We'll see :)  Oh...and I just took a peach pie out of the oven.  The house smells all fruity & fabulous.


Someone with a little something extra works at our local grocery story.  (What's that 'something extra'? It's an extra chromosome.  He has Down syndrome, if you still didn't catch on...!).  Anyhow - he seems to be working every single time I'm there.

Today he was showing off his sword fighting skills.  He's pretty good.

I love that this place accepts him.  I'll shop here forever!

I wonder if he'll notice something extra in Carter when I bring him in one day?

He can show Carter how to sword fight.


Remember that somewhat whiny post I did a few days ago, about those people that we thought would be reaching out to us during this time, but really they're so absorbed with themselves that they've not said a word?!

Well - I think that everyone who hasn't 'fallen-all-over-us' with excitement must think that post is about them.  Because we've gotten tons of extra phone calls, emails, etc. Which has been great!!

But don't worry - if you're even taking the time to read this - it very likely does not pertain to you :)


We got a very sweet card in the mail this week, from a dear friend of Jake's family.  They, too, have been through the adoption process - domestically.  This card was filled with so many sweet, kind, encouraging words.  Would you believe this family waited 3 years from the start to the finish?!  Amazing.  And even after three years, she said "it was all worth it.".

Thanks, Lynda.  You're too sweet.  We love you!


Well...until we meet again, be blessed, sweet friends!

And enjoy the weekend!

One Thing I Know For Sure:  I'm glad my shower isn't tonight...because I'm really not having a great hair day.  Just being honest....!


  1. I don't believe it, your hair always looks great!

  2. Ah, the waiting stinks. No lie about that. Very sweet post though- put a smile on my face after a pretty crummy day! ;)

  3. This is goinging to sound really corny..but as I was reading this post..thoughts from the past echoed in my memory. The words of Jake's grandma Rosie have come back to life. One of her favorite things to say was: "good things come to those who wait and wait and wait and wait....and wait"!!! This is going to be something really REALLY great...cuz you are sure having to wait and wait and wait...and wait!!
    Love mama G


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