Monday, August 01, 2011

I'm nesting...

I've always been a 'nester' - I've always been on the hunt for ways to make our house more 'homey'....but this week it has hit me heavy!!

I am absolutely in nesting mode.

Here's what I've been up to....

Clean Pantry - check
Organized (with new containers!) - check

Wash out cabinets - check
Replace expensive, extremely breakable plates with cheap (but very cute!) plastic kid-friendly ones - check

Making lists like crazy....and crossing stuff off!
Love lists.
I'm a list freak.

I've also been working on these two 5x7 prints for Carter's room!
That adorable backpack I received in the mail last week has sparked a love for robots.

And...I've been drooling over these things from etsy.....

Suddenly I'm obsessed with sock monkeys.  
I'm pretty sure a robot-sock monkey room wouldn't work.

Do I need this pillow?
 Absolutely not.
 But I'm nesting.
It says nest.
 I like it.

And owls.  I'm also in love with owls.
Sarah & Rachel - can you make this?!
 It's a pattern!!
I'll pay you in an ice cream date (or two)!!

Because this mommy won't need a humongous diaper bag for bottles, formula, bibs, pacifiers, etc!
Well - my purse is already huge.
So this will be perfect!!

Love this!
 And it's for chubby toddler necks, not teeny baby ones!

No - not shopping, just dreaming :)
Not doing a whole lot of shopping these days.
I don't really miss the 'gotta have this thing now!' attitude.
I guess this is part of becoming a mommy.  At some point - every mommy (or mommy to be) needs to realize that everything is not about her.  I can't spend whatever I want now - because there's someone else who needs things.  Needs...not wants :)  And I don't want to spend.  I hate spending, now!  Hate it!

Wish I would have saved all that cash I earned in High School.
Would you believe that in 2002 I was 17 and making $7.50 an hour as a barista at a cafe?
That's nuts!
Where the heck did all that money go?!


Sorry for the tangent.  I'm home alone for the night. Jake is at a meeting, and it's just me and the pup.  That means I can dawdle (and go off on tangents) on the computer as long as I want :)

AND - tonite Moses and I mowed the lawn for Jakey.  Did I mention that it's August?  And August's in Wisconsin are ridiculously hot and humid?  And I mowed the lawn?!  That means that I can probably log as much computer time as I want this week :)

Speaking of's August.  That means that now we can say 'next month we plan to travel to Eastern Europe'.  Next month.  :)  I like the sound of that.


Nope - no 'golden ticket' yet.  Soon, though.

What's a Golden Ticket?! It's what we get from the USCIS (U.S. Immigration) to tell us that we're clear to adopt a child (or 2) from Carter's Country.

When we get that Golden Ticket - we can send all of our documents to Carter's country.

That's huge.


It means we are done.  It means we'll travel within weeks.

It means we're going to get Carter.


One Thing I Know For Sure: Exactly 4 months ago today, we committed to Carter.  And we'll be there 'next month'.....   :)


  1. I blew all the money I made in high school too. Wish someone had taught me some money skills.
    Oh, and HOT is 108 in the shade, right here in Texas. Oh and no rain in I don't know when. This will probably the the hottest summer on record. Gag!
    Next month will be here before you know it!

  2. I don't see "Organize Jill's whole house" on your list! LOL The robot prints are super cute! :-)

  3. I must say, I am glad for your non-stop-nesting! Reading this post made my heart skip a beat!!! We are going to be mommy and daddy really soon.

    Cant wait. So excited.

    Love ya momma,

  4. I really wish you could come to my house and "nest" for me! Organization went out my window a long time ago.

    I still can't believe you're going to get Carter so soon! I am so happy for you guys. I miss it there so bad right now, and wish I could go with you! Please tell the director, Yulia, Niko, social worker, and lawyer that "Alosha's" mommy and daddy said "hi and we miss them so much" when you meet him :) And that he's doing great!

  5. I can definitely make the taggy blanket! Email me! I wanna break out the sewing machine and I'd love to do a test run on stuff for your gorgeous boy!


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