Friday, July 22, 2011

Black Ink!

Today we are traveling to Milwaukee to be fingerprinted!

No big deal - I know...

BUT - this is the LAST thing we have to do!

All of our paperwork is done.

Everything is notarized.

It's being faxed to Carter's country today.

And as soon as we get that Golden Ticket...we'll be officially sending his paperwork over to his country!

It won't be long...!

One Thing I Know For Sure: After 11:00am today, I can say we're DONE!!


  1. That is a HUGE step!! Have fun :)

  2. Actually, the fingerprints are electronic/biometric. No ink. LOL

    Praying it goes well and you have a great trip down and back. Wave "Hi" to my alma mater for me! :-)

    DONE is a GOOD GOOD THING! If you need help with the apostilling process, let me know, ok?

  3. YAY!! Congrats! What a fantastic feeling to cross the last part of the to-do list off!!


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