Friday, July 22, 2011

More Benefit Photos...

I wanted to add a few more photos so you could see just how much fun we had!

Our registration & payment table

Sharon & Donna admiring the beautiful quilts!

Our super-fun DJ Scott!

Jake talking to Jeanne, a fellow adoptive mommy, and Jake's 2nd cousin!  She's got lots of good info to share!

Jesse - obviously doing something very important :)

Jesse consulting with us about that very important thing he's supposed to be doing...  

Rachel & Sarah & the craft table!

Yes - this is a live bunny.
He was auctioned off along with a hand crafted bunny hutch :)

Our auctioneers!  Not only did they help us raise all our money, but they were also SO entertaining!!

Me & my uncles admiring the cakes :)

Lee agreed to shave his head to raise money for Carter!

No - this is not the finished product :)

Thanks, Mikki, for taking these pictures!  I really appreciate all you did!

One Thing I Know For Sure: What a fun, fun, fun night....!

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