Friday, July 08, 2011

Happy Summer

Summer is officially here.

Moses did his first belly flop of the season.

Yes - it's officially summer.

Skin is browning, raspberries are turning their beautiful shade of...well, raspberry red, and the pup smells like chlorine.

Ah yes.  A Wisconsin summer.  It shows up in July, and by September it's only a distant memory.
The kind of memory you really don't want to forget.
Stay as long as you'd like, sweet summer.


We had a little scare with our boy (Moses...not Carter...).  He was sick.

Sicker than a dog.

He just wasn't himself.  Aside from making little messes around the house, we knew he was sick because he didn't want to play with his buddy, Dino - he didn't check the garbage for goodies every time he walked by - and he didn't wag his pickle (his tail, people.  It's what we call his tail...) when we said "go buh-bye??".

We were all bummin' a bit.

Nobody likes a sick, sad, dog.

Then one morning, the pickle was wagging in full force, and Dino was no longer lonely.

Perky, peppy pup.

Love it.


The weekend is here - got plans?

We do.  BIG plans.

Tomorrow is a very exciting day.

We'll be meeting this boy and his momma at the airport.

Jonathan Birschbach will be HOME with his forever family tomorrow.

Can't wait for the homecoming celebration at the airport.

My camera is going to be working overtime tomorrow.


Notice a slight blog change?  I didn't think so.

I moved things around a bit, made new buttons on the right column, and made my posting space wider (which means bigger photos!).

There - now do you notice?

That's okay.

Sometimes I just need to create.  I need to change things up a bit.  And I'm doubting that Jake will let me paint - rearrange - rip out walls - so, the blog gets a mini-makeover instead.


Still waiting on those tshirts you ordered?!

No - we're not running some kind of tshirt rip-off scam.

Remember that computer crash that just happened?  Well that set us back a bit - understandably so.  All of our tshirt design files were obviously on that computer.  We just got an email from the tshirt printer that they should be done on Monday, and therefore - they'll be shipped on Tuesday!

Only a week or so late...not bad for the massive computer crash we had.  Thanks for your understanding!


Enjoy the weekend.  Soak up some sun.  Spend time with those you love the most.
Because that's what I'll be doing!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Summer is the stuff of dreams.

*If you haven't clicked over to the Prevost's blog yet, do it now.  What are you waiting for?  Leave them some love, and follow their journey - it's sure to be an adventure!

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