Tuesday, July 05, 2011

27 & Counting...

Today is my best friend's 27th birthday.

Some posts that I write require lots of inspiration & thought before I can actually say what I want to say. It may be a song, a photo, a story - but it's sometimes necessary for the writing process.

Not this post.

For this post - I know just what I want to say.

Because I just love this guy so stinkin' much.

He has more life in him than anybody I know.  More passion.  More focus (except when it comes to picking up his clothes...).  More fun.  More than anybody I've ever met.

And some people just don't get that.  But I get it.

And that's what counts.

Everything he does - he does with all of his energy.  He puts his whole self into every project - every endeavor - every ministry.

And for some people - everything is just not enough.  But for me it is.

This guy really is great.  He loves God like crazy.  He loves people - even the imperfect ones - way better than I can.  I've long given up on people while he's still persistently & intentionally loving them.

You know who else Jake loves?


I love kids - a lot.  But Jake?  He really loves kids.

All kids.  Any kids.

Kids are his passion.

He would climb mountains for kids.

A lot of people just don't see the value in our kids.  Jake sees it.  He gets it.

He really loves to love these kids.

He also loves this 'kid'.

A lot.

I've never seen 2 brothers love each other like these guys.  It's a rare, beautiful thing.

They fight - they laugh (like crazy...) - they love God together, working side by side, bearing each others burdens in ministry...learning as they go, together - and understand each other like nobody else can.


Somewhere, somehow, someone definitely did something right.  Well done, Mimi & Poppy.  Very well done.

I like words.  Jake....not so much.  So babe - I'm sorry for all the reading I've made you do :)

So - I'll finish with a photo.
I love you like crazy.
I get you.  Totally.
And you get me.
That's the best.
Thanks for picking me...I'd pick you again, a hundred times.

One Thing I Know For Sure: God's using you - molding you - using you - breaking your heart - building you up - and I'm so glad to be a part of it.  Love ya, Jaker :)  Happy 27th Birthday.


  1. too cute....happy birthday jake!!!


  2. Happy birthday Jake!!! I love the last picture :)

  3. This is probably the best birthday gift I have ever received! So blessed by you honey! Excited to where God takes this roller coaster we are on with Him. WOuldnt have it any other way babe. Love to love ya babe!


  4. LUV that last picture!!! Too cute!!! :)


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