Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Case Workers & New Homestudies

That's what's been on our plate lately.

We'll start with the homestudy.  Well - not really new - but updated.  With Carter's country passing some new laws, there is a slight change that needs to be made to our homestudy.  Really - it's not a big deal.  It's a pretty easy thing to change...that is, IF your homestudy agency responds to your multiple emails and phone calls.

Not too happy.  Funny how they're not so helpful after the last check is written.

So we're waiting on them.  Again.  I made it very clear that we're VERY close to sending everything to get apostilled, and I didn't want to be waiting for this piece.  Well...there has been no response from them at all.  None.

Yuck.  On to other stuff....

Our i600a was sent to the USCIS and was received on June 15th...our fingerprinting for the USCIS was on July 22nd...and we've been estimating about 50 days from the time our i600a was received until we get our golden ticket.'s been 42 days.

We emailed the website on our i600a receipt about a week ago, and got a very not nice email back...okay then.  We were told that we could not contact our case worker until 75 days after our stuff is received.

Well that's just silly.  This lady must not know that I know people who have done this.  Lots of people.  And they all contact their case worker.

As much as I wanted to - No, I did not respond to her ugliness.

Today, Jake decided to call and see about our case worker.

I know - he always tells me this...I should learn - a phone call is always better than an email.  Yes honey, you're right.

He talked to our case worker - she said our case is CLOSED!  She just needs 2 documents emailed to her (which happen to be already scanned and smiling at me right now on the computer desktop)...and then she said "I'll click, print, and send the Golden Ticket!".


Oh my word.

So by this time next week...we should have that piece of paper in our hands!!!

One Thing I Know For Sure: So that would be just about exactly 50 days then, wouldn't it?!  :)


  1. So happy for you guys! Homestudies have ALWAYS been the kicker/delay-maker because of the agency when my family's adopted :P Can't wait for travel dates in the not-too distant future! :)

  2. WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! Carter, your Mama and Papa are coming SOON for you! :-)


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