Saturday, July 16, 2011

Carter Benjamin Benefit

Last night was quite a night.

I can't even tell you how blessed we are.  The donations that came in for our silent & live auctions blew me away.  I cannot believe what people were willing to give to help Carter.

Yes - this is the 'once-loved Brett Favre' being brought down by Clay Matthews.
Anyone in Packer Country knows this is quite an item!

This is a signed Bart Starr print - just signed last week!
The details of this print are for an entirely different post :)
Coming soon!

The people that were there were some of our favorite, most loved people.  What a joy to spend time with them, in the name of Carter!

Everything was perfect.  Totally perfect.  When we got home last night - we just kept saying "wow - I can't believe it.  I just can't believe it."  Fabulous.

And FUN!  Did we ever have fun.  Our people know how to do 'fun'.  They do it so well.  

Laughter really is a gift from God.  Good medicine, for sure.  

And our Benefit Team.  What a group of servants.  These people worked tirelessly to make this event what it was.  We could not - would not - have done this without them.  During the event - everyone just did what they needed to do.  Yes - they could have stood around and had fun with everyone else.  But they worked.  We are so blessed.


What a night.  God showed up.  We have no idea how much money was raised - we'll find that out tomorrow.  But even without knowing any 'totals' - we know that God was there.  Hearts were touched. Everywhere we looked, people were crying.  Emotional.  In awe of what God was doing.  Grown men, crying like babies when Jill B. explained the dire need of these orphans to find families.  

God showed up.  He was there.  We felt Him.  We knew it.  Undeniable.  

So - to our families and're amazing.  We love you like crazy.  THANK YOU for standing with us.  Thank you for supporting us.  Thank you for choosing to walk this road with us.  

Thank you for loving Carter.  

Carter.  I wonder what he was doing last night?  I wonder if he could feel a sweet tingling as we were celebrating his life.  I wonder if he felt something different last night.  Is it possible that all that love could cross the ocean, and reach him?  

I don't know.  It sounds silly when said out loud.  

But I DO know that there was so much love in that room last night.  All for Carter.

We're blessed.  Thank you Lord for our friends and family.  
Where would we be without them?! 

One Thing I Know For Sure:  Can't wait until Carter understands all of this, and we can say "Look, little child.  Look how incredibly loved you are..."


  1. Thanks for sharing that Ashley. I could feel the love of God and everyone in that room last night all the way here in California. So I think that Carter got to feel it too. What a wonderful group of friends you have. Can't wait for you to go and get him.

  2. I'm so happy we could be there & be a part of it!! What a wonderful night :)

  3. That's fabulous! I love the pails with candles and carter's photos.


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