Monday, May 09, 2011

Mothers Day, Another Surprise...and Other Stuff :)

So I got some more surprises yesterday!  I was definately not expecting any gifts for mommies day yesterday.  We're just not huge gift people.  Or I should say that I'm not 'gift people'.  I totally stink at picking out gifts.  No originality, no thought - really, I stink.  But Jake (as great as he is...with some help from his {single!} brother) got me something anyways.  He was so thoughtful - when I opened a bracelet with Carter's birthstone, I couldn't believe it!!  SO sweet - and totally unexpected.  (Mental note: Father's Day is fast approaching....) 

And that previously mentioned brother...he got me something, too!  Some clothes for Carter, and sippy cups (also for Carter!)...I can tell he is going to spoil his nephew like crazy.  AND - I think I have a new 'Carter Shopping Partner'.  So much fun.

And now - just now - I realized that quite some time ago I asked you all to comment or email me with questions that you'd like me to answer.  Well...I guess I never answered!  Maybe because I only got ONE question!  C'mon - I know there has to be more!!  Don't be scared.  Commenting is okay.  So - I'll answer this question - and then I'll expect more on this post, or in my email inbox!!  PLEASE  - give me something to blog about!!!!   :)

So - the question...

"Why do you want to change Antonio's name to 'Carter'?
Good question - so glad you asked (you brave soul!)!  First off - 'Antonio' is just his name on Reece's Rainbow.  This is not the name that the nannies in the orphanage are calling him.  We do know what his real first name is - but I'm not sure if we can say it here.  It's similar to Antonio :)  Very Eastern European sounding.  Not so American :)  I'm a name person.  I've picked out (and changed) my children's names a million times.  But I love names.  Unique names.  Jake - on the other hand, likes very 'normal' names.  Matthew.  Joshua.  Timothy.  So - needless to say we had a hard time agreeing on a name.  We went through the alphabet one night, and each picked a name for A, then for B - and when we got to C - we both said 'Carter'!  Okay then...Carter it is!  'Sam' and 'Max' came in as close seconds!  And - if you're just joining our blog, I think you should look at this post.  It's an amazing story and a good read - but it's also 'coincidence' that this family has a child named Carter.  God is so fun that way. 

And a surprise....what a huge surprise.  Somebody loves Carter quite a lot.  After church, I got home and took my Bible out of my purse, and next to my Bible was a white envelope, taped shut - with a whole-lotta something inside.  So, we ripped it open, and found the cutest ransom note (with letters cut out of magazines!!) that said "We Love Carter!".  Adorable. 

That's not all that was inside.  No, no, no.  As if the note wasn't enough...there was cash.

A lot of cash.

Not $100.

Not $200.

Three hundred dollars.

I don't know who - I don't know when - but what a complete blessing. 

So whoever you are - thank you, so SO much.  Thank you for loving Carter.  Thank you for loving the orphan.  Thank you for saying 'yes' to God.  Thank you.

One Thing I Know For Sure: I should be cleaning instead of blogging....2nd homestudy visit tonite (with the coolest social worker ever!)!!


  1. Amazing!!!! What awesome people and how fun. You know they are probably reading this today and just loving that you have no idea who they are :) Have fun tonight.....our 2nd is Wed. I can not wait until these boys are home! At least then I can stress over something Happy Belated Mother's Day!

  2. Thanks for answering my name question! (I sure don't hope you took offense to me asking!) I was just curious -- and I didn't realize that the Reece's Rainbow name is different than the orphanage name. Learn somethin' every day! Anyway, for obvious reasons, I LOVE the name Carter, and I think it's so cool that we'll BOTH have a "Carter!" Just love how things in the world work... I continue to think of you and send good energy that all things are working out to bring YOUR Carter home!!


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