Tuesday, April 05, 2011

What A Woman...!

I'm talking about Betty, and she has a connection.  An intimate connection.  The only connection that really matters.  A connection with the Most High God.

Back in August, Betty says she was praying for our family.  The story goes that the Lord gave her a word about us.  And for 6 months, that's where the story ended.

Fast forward to late February.  Jake & I were tossing around the idea of adoption & we saw Carter's photo.  We had (as you all know by now) fallen in love - but weren't sure that this was the right timing.  I told Jake on a Sunday morning that I was asking the Lord to confirm to us, that day, whether or not we should proceed. 

After church, Jake was holding Elijah (the Birschbach's treasure - also with Down syndrome, from Eastern Europe).  Nothing abnormal about this picture - Jake is often found near Elijah :)  Well, Betty walked by - and I heard her mumble "Oh - now I get it.  Now I see.". Of course I knew immediately (after all - I was the one who asked for confirmation - BEGGED for confirmation!!). 

Nothing else was said about this until just this weekend.  After we announced our adoption to our church on Sunday, we told Betty what a huge role her little statement played in our decision (that, and the ridiculous attack we've been under....).  She told us that back in August - when the Lord spoke to her about us - she journaled it (this is why we journal, people!!) and she would email it to us.  Well...here it is......!

"I found that entry in my journal today.  It is dated 8/27/10 at 1730.  I was praying for Pastor and both of you.  This is my journal entry:  Jake & Ashley  - Very special baby for you.  God's got a very special baby for you.  Do you want me to tell them Lord, send an email, or just pray Lord?
That's all I wrote.  I hope this helps.  Love, Betty"
Amazing...what really touches my heart about this is that God knew, and knows, long before we're willing or even able to step out in faith.  He knows, and He's preparing His people! 
Lord - thank you for the "Betty's" who intercede on our behalf - and thank you for loving us enough to give us a glimpse into how You work! 
One Thing I Know For Sure: Not coincidence - Godincidence!


  1. Oh My - The chills wont stop!!!! Amazing!!!!! GOD IS GREAT!!!!!

  2. Ashley, thank you so much for grabbing Sergey's button! I am so glad we "met"! I just saw the other day that Carter had found a family and was overjoyed. I've been following RR for so long and check everyday who's found a family. I will add Carter's button to my blog as well, us RR mommies got to stick together:)

  3. That is awesome....some days I wish God will shout to me that way... We are sooo... happy for you guys. Can't wait to see him home!

  4. That is an awesome! Congratulations Carter is adorable, I am so thankful God is bringing him home to you.

  5. That gave me chills too, even though I already knew the story! :-) Just to put it in perspective how long ago that was, that was the day after we sent off our I-600A application. That seems like a lifetime ago!!!


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