Sunday, April 10, 2011


Do you remember what you were doing when you were 5 years old?  Learning how to ride your bike...preparing for kindergarten...playing outside...eating cookies....??  All good stuff, right?  Five is a pretty fun age - you're still too young to care what others think, and you're just so in love with life. 

Meet Alice...

She's a doll, isn't she?  The pigtails, the chubby belly...adorable.  I fell in love with her last fall - along with Antonio (we know how his story goes!) and Dariya, who also has a family! 

But not Alice.

She's still waiting.

And she's 5 years old.

Do you know what that means for her future?'s bleak. 

If her mommy & daddy don't come for her soon, she will be transferred, along with many of the other 5 year olds listed on Reece's Rainbow. 

NO - we're not adopting Alice, too!  But Reece's Rainbow has a really incredible warrior program going on right now for all of their 5 year olds, in honor of Reece's Rainbow's 5 year anniversary.  What is a warrior?  A warrior is someone who will advocate for one of these 5 year olds, and raise $5,000 for their fund. 

Because $5,000 may mean a new life for Alice. 

I can't do it.  Not now - and it breaks my heart that out of the 3 children I've been crying out to God for, one is still without a family. 

Without a home. 

Without hope. 

So what about you?  Do you have the time, or the resources (*Having a blog is helpful...) to advocate for sweet Alice?  She needs you. 

If you can't advocate for her, can you pray that someone will?  Everyone can do that!  If you want to be Alice's warrior (she will be forever grateful...) please click and follow the instructions. 

One Thing I Know For Sure:  An institution is no place for a 5 year old...


  1. My name is Ivy and I am Alice's prayer warrior. I am a college student who discovered RR a little over a year ago, and knowing that I couldn't adopt a child now that being a prayer warrior was a way I could help. I will gladly help you raise money for Alice. I also have a Help Alice Find Her Family button on my blog.

    I am so happy you are adopting Antonio. He has been one of the many that I have been praying for for a while.

  2. YOU ROCK!!! I love little Alice as well, but am not in a position to adopt right now. Thanks soooo much for posting her pic. I don't have a blog, but want for Alice's family to find her. We've donated to her grant fund and I hope to see it to continue to grow.

    I really enjoy reading your thoughts on you blog and wish many wonderful things for you and your family. We live abour an hour North of Green Bay and i think it is just wonderful that you are from this great state!

    Praying for you!!



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