Monday, March 28, 2011

30 Days of Photos - Day 28 (only 2 left...phew!)

A Photo of Something You're Afraid Of.....


Tuna.  Yes, there is a story.  No, you will not hear it.

Stingray.  Also, yes, there's a story. 

Okay, I'm sure everyone would be afraid of this.  But my fear is so.........unrealistic. 

Yes - beautiful.  But I'll enjoy it from the beach, thank-you-very-much. 

One Thing I Know For Sure:  I'm a 'pool' kind of girl. 


  1. Your pictures are beautiful! I found your site through Reece's Rainbow! It made me smile just to think that beautiful boy has a family! I've prayed for him for months! :)

  2. SO HAPPY!! I've been advocating for your sweet little Antonio :) thrilled to see that he has a family! Please email! Lisa :)

    Visit our blog:

  3. Hi! I found your blog at Reece's Rainbow! I have been praying for sweet Antonio, I've read so many blog posts saying he was the only little guy with Down Syndrome at his orphanage without a family coming for him! It made me so sad! I'm so happy you are bringing him home!


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