Sunday, April 03, 2011

It's Official, folks!

Hi All!  Well, it's finally (unofficially) official!!  If you've been a faithful blog follower of mine over the past few months (if you've not been a follower - let me just say, don't bother going back to look at my posts from the past few months. You will walk away feeling like you just lost 2 hours of your life.) you will notice that this blog looks quite different!  YES - you are in the right place...

Jake and I are starting a wonderful journey - to bring home our boy, Carter Benjamin!  He is currently in Eastern Europe in an orphanage.  He will be 3 years old in May - and we can't wait to have him home!  We know very little about him, other than the fact that he has 'designer genes' - and extra chromosome.  Those of you who paid attention in science (or would it be anatomy?  or health?  clearly, I was not one of those that paid attention....) you know that this means that our boy Carter has Down syndrome.  We hope to be traveling to get him in the fall.  That should answer most of your initial questions....  :)

The journey will not be easy - but we know that there are NO guarantees in life, especially the guarantee that everything will be easy peasy.  We're as prepared as we can possibly be - and we have the most amazing family to support us. 

Now, the tags to the right will be up and running this week sometime, so check back!  I'm a busy momma-to-be (looooove how that sounds.....)....and to be honest, I'm totally nesting!!  And on top of the nesting, there are mountains of paperwork.  So bear with me, bloggy friends! 

Thanks for joining this journey....can't wait to walk it alongside you!

One Thing I Know For Sure: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!  We are SO excited!!!!!


  1. READY. SET. GO :)! It looks like you are off and running :). So happy to see your official announcement. Carter Benjamin--how cute! Can I share your blog with a bunch of people now ;)?

  2. Ohh Carter Benjamin! What a beautiful name for a beautiful boy!

  3. Yay, Yay!!!! I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Carter's Grandma in Eastern Europe!!!!! What a wonderful woman she is!!!! I am so excited for all of you and I can not wait to follow your journey to Carter!!!!

  4. SO very happy for you- been praying for this little guy for months! You are blessed!!

  5. I linked your blog on mine. So excited for your journey. Lisa P will be a great resource. She has been our "tour guide" through this entire adoption process. She's amazing!

    Keep Smiling and foot in front of the other

  6. Yeah!!! I am so excited for you guys! We have also committed but can say yet (ugghhhh) but hopefully soon. Can't wait to meet him and love the idea of knowing others going through it at the same time.

  7. Ashley and Jake - I wanted to share with you how special Antonio has been to our family. Here are some posts from my blog (please read them in this order for it all to make sense!)

    I want you to know how much this little boy has been on our minds and hearts for more than 2 years. We have had so many friends and family donate to his fund so he would someday have a family.

    Honestly. He will always have a special place in my heart, and I am excited to follow his journey home to YOU -- his Mom and Dad.

  8. felicidades!! // congratulations !! :D


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