Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Masha Needs Us

For those of you that follow other blogs on a regular basis, you'll know all about Masha.  Forgive me for repeating information that you may have already read today.  For everyone else - please don't read on to say "ohh...look at that poor girl.  that's too bad".  Don't read on only for the sake of reading.  It doesn't have to be this way. 

Masha.  Sweet Masha.  Never met her.  I've only seen one photo.....

 More about Masha

Not exactly what you'd consider a 'princess'?  Crossed eyes - shaved head.  I wonder what God sees when he looks at her...

Masha is in a 'baby house' in Eastern Europe.  Once these 'babies' reach a certain age, they are transferred to a mental institution.  Here, they receive little care - they're left to defend themselves. These 'babies' will most likely be placed in an institution with full grown adults. 

Masha needs a miracle. 

A family adopting another child from Masha's baby house just heard that she will be transferred to the institution within the next week or so.  No, Lord!  It can't be, that this sweet baby doesn't have a family to save her. 

What can I do??  I can't adopt her now.  I can't go fight with the orphanage directors to keep her there.  I don't even have tons of blog followers to cry out to.  I have no connections...

But wait.  I guess I do have one connection.  A pretty powerful one.  I have a connection to the Most High God.  The One who created Masha.  The One (only one?) who loves her so deeply.  The One who sees her as she really is - a beautiful child of God.  At the risk of sounding 'too spiritual' - would you cry out to Him with me?  Would you trust Him with me?  Not in a little bit, after you check your email.  Right now.  Yes - NOW.  Now is the time to plead on Masha's behalf. 

Lord - You know Your sweet girl, Masha.  You knit her together in her mother's womb.  We know that she's not a mistake - she's a treasure.  We are crying out to You, Lord!  Move in a powerful, mighty way in Masha's life.  Bring a family forward for her!  Save her from a life of hopelessness!  We know You are indeed mighty to save...Lord right now, speak to Masha's mommy and daddy.  Open their eyes to the beauty of this child.  Show them Masha as YOU see her, not as the world sees her!!  Save her, Lord!  We are praying all these things believing that You CAN save her!  Knowing that You can!  Trusting that You will!  Do it, Lord!  AMEN!!

All this talk about "Masha" makes me think of my sweet Aunt "Marsha".  She's a gem - and brings so much joy to our family.  She came to our family as a foster child - her family didn't value her.  They didn't know what a blessing she was.  If they only knew what they'd be missing out on!  She sees the world in a different way.  She knows something we never will.  Her laugh - infectious.  Her heart - overflowing.

Here she is on her 50th Birthday....just a few weeks ago....

This was her reaction when she realized she had just walked in on her 'surprise' 50th Birthday Party

I wonder how her life might be different if my great grandma hadn't agreed to get out of her comfort zone - take in one more foster child - knowing full well that she would be caring for Marsha for the rest of her life.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Marsha got her miracle...now it's Masha's turn. 


  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Ashley! We all need to be stormin' Heaven for Masha! And what a beautiful story about Marsha too. I didn't realize she was an "orphan" at one time. What a blessing to your family. I'm sitting her crying about her, Masha, Eddie, and all the others...

    Oh, by the way, you may already know this, but I believe the second picture above is from one of the "facilities" Max ministers to.

  2. Thank you for the post!! She is so precious and she is a princess...especially in God's eyes. I will pray along with you.


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