Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I Love Organization...too much?


I can finally enjoy being at the computer again.  You don't even want to know where our computer was before...I will just tell you that it involved an old leather couch (old, but extremely comfy) and a delapitated rattan trunk (which was very stylish when we first got married...).  But now - after much waiting (a word I hate love...)....Our 'home office' area is complete - and oh so organized.......

You might not believe this, but we actually have a slot for each pencil, each paperclip.  Okay, maybe not.  But it's a good idea....I think I'll get right on that.  I LOVE organization.  I LOVE looking at storage containers.  I LOVE drawer organizers.  Love to be organized.  It makes me feel like I'm in control.  Do I have a problem?  Maybe. 

But with all the organization, I just want to be at the computer all the time!!  So, (thanks to this wonderfully timed snow day) I've added a few pages @ the top of this blog - one about my own adoption, and another with some of my favorite photos.  Nothing of award-winning quality here - just some fun.  So, enjoy!

One Thing I Know For Sure: When Jake gets home from work today, he will say "WHAT did you do all day?!" and I will say "But Jake...we have a home office!!!!"

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