Wednesday, January 26, 2011


After much deliberation...I've decided to introduce you to someone who is quite special in the Gibson home.  Everyone has that one family member...the one who always has love to offer, always cares about your feelings, always puts everyone else first.  For us, that 'someone' is Moses.  We got Moses as a puppy a few years ago........

He was a 'leftover' of the litter - too short & plump to be a hunting dog.  We got him at a 'reduced price' - I guess you could say he was on clearance.  After just a few days of 'committing' to keep him, I was asking myself  "Whose idea was this!!  No wonder nobody wanted him!"  I won't tell you whose idea it was.  He was an absolute pain.  It's not that he chewed furniture, or made messes in the house - he never did any of those things.  He was just constantly in our faces, needing love and attention.  Constantly saying "Look at me!  Look what I can do!  I can balance this bear on my paws!  I can carry 2 tennis balls!!  LOOK!!".  Ugh.  Drove me nuts.  Everyone we talked to told us that Springer's don't tend to leave their 'puppy' stage until they're about we better just get used to it.  When we had Moses neutered, we thought that would change his demeanor for sure.  When we went to pick him up after 1 (happy, quiet, peaceful) night at the vet - we thought for sure we would be getting a new & improved (happy, quiet, peaceful) dog.  The vet walked us into a room and said he'd bring Moses in.  He said to prepare ourselves, because he'd probably be very groggy.  Hallelujah, we thought.  It wasn't more than a minute later that a brown and white 'thing' (which I later realized was Moses) was in our laps, licking our faces.  We kissed our hopes of a quiet dog goodbye as we left the vet that day.  "Well...we're going to just have to put up with him...for the next 13 years....".   As time went on, Moses continued to embarrass us with his antics - always being overly friendly with the neighbors (he tends to think everyone who walks past our house is there to see him), overly excited to go places (he jumps the gate at Petco when it's time to get groomed because he just can't wait), and overly playful when guests come ("No, Moses - don't knock over that pie in grandmas.....ohhh, no...").  To this day, Moses embarrasses us on a regular basis.  But in reality, maybe we're embarrassing him.  Maybe, if he could - he would say "Guys, just lighten up a little!  Relax!!  I'm just making a new friend!".  Maybe we all could learn a lesson about being friendly - happy - and playful.  I know I could use a dose of 'puppy' in my life!

One Thing I Know For Sure: I sure love this 'thing'. 

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  1. 2 thumbs up for my granddoggie Moses. Even though Aunt Rosie hates him...we sure do love him. He is teaching all of us great how to have fun chasing bubbles!!!
    We need a few more stories from Moses for Kid's church though!!!


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