Monday, February 07, 2011


I'm one of those people.  I read a book, and the whole time I'm reading I cannot enjoy it unless I'm trying to figure out the ending.  I do everything short of reading the last chapter (I do know people crazy enough to actually read the last chapter first. Strange, I know).  I watch a movie, and I can't focus on the current scene because my mind is spinning to figure out the ending before it comes (honest confession: I like to must figure it out before Jake does!).  Usually, my assumptions are pretty accurate.  I may just be super smart ( laughter, please), or it may just be that there are no real surprises in life.  Ever heard the quote "no such thing as an original idea"?  

Don't you just long for a true surprise?

Don't you just long for something refreshing to pop into your life, unexpectedly? I have a treat for YOU!  You must, must MUST read the following blog, from an incredible mommy to 7 kiddos.  This particular blog entry is about one of her Down Syndrome sweeties from Eastern Europe.  Be prepared to be totally amazed - surprised, even!  No excuses, now - I'm giving you 3 ways to find her entry, and even a super short blog entry of my own (you should know that a short blog entry is not an easy task for me...)!  Go!  Read!  Allow God to surprise you!

One Thing I Know For Sure:  I did not see this one coming....our Amazing God totally surprised me.

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