Monday, August 21, 2017

St. Germain 2017

Our seventh annual Gibson Getaway has come and gone. I'm here for the recap. Which looks eerily similar to the recap from last year, and the year before, and the year before. The kids are bigger (and there are more of them), but the views are basically the same.

Big boy, in the water as often as possible.

Big girl, in the water as often as possible.

Mom sneaking kisses, as often as possible.

Cuteness overload, times three this year.

Oh, and everyone else. Right. There were other people on 'Macy and Carter's Vacation', too.

Hi, Ben.
Hi, Poppy.
Hi, Tom & Marn.

Hi, Mimi.

"I'm not c-c-c-cold!"
"I wanna go deeper, Daddy!"
"Wanna swim? Ya?"

We did more than swim, though.

Kayaking, flea marketing (chicken gyros!), stroller walking, campfiring, fishing (Carter says 'Awesome!'), play-dohing, bubbles-ing, snacking.

Basically, summering.

St. Germain = squeezing out the last juicy bits of summer.

In the Northwoods, mid-August actually feels a little autumn-like. Chilly mornings and crisp evenings, with a chunk of mid-day that is perfect for the beach.

Or, at least good-enough for the beach.

When you've got your Ana & Elsa swim suit and butterfly sunglasses, 'good-enough' is good enough.

There was some down time, too.

Keeping Carter happy and busy was a little tricky this year, and it left Jake and I feeling very un-vacationed by the second or third day of our trip. But there were good bits, too.

 And then there's always Cathy's for ice cream.

Walking up the long trail from the dock is probably something Carter will always remember. He knows the trail well, and knows exactly what waits for him at the end :)

Get ice cream (or, lemon ice in our case). Sit down. Spoon in. Pinky up. Devour.

Some people even take their family photo at Cathy's. Or so I've heard.

Bye, St. Germain! See you next year - new house, new lake, new possibilities!

And if we do it right, we'll be a new family as we spend this year growing and changing.

Now that's something to raise a pinky to.

One Thing I Know For Sure: On St. Germain Time. Get it? That's okay, half of the people pictured didn't get it, either :)

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  1. Oh that looks amazing! I've never been there but I would love to go someday!


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