Thursday, March 23, 2017


Tomorrow we will take our Siley J to his 2 week doctors appointment. While we're there, we will pop in to visit all the people who helped us get to where we are today.

This is our Thank You.


I still remember the first conversation that started this crazy journey. My friend, Juli, was over for coffee and she asked when we would start having babies. After all, Carter had been home 3 years and she knew we wanted more kiddos.

I told her we'd been trying for almost 2 years, and I was starting to think we'd just adopt a baby.

A baby.

Adopting Carter at 3 years old was good. We wouldn't change anything about how our 'first born' came to us. But for as long as I can remember, I've longed to have a baby.

Juli mentioned 'the midwives', and I called to make an appointment the next day.


My first appointment was with Brenna. I was nervous, because - what if she confirms the worst - that we won't be having any babies?

She created a safe place in that room - and I instantly felt like I was chatting with an old friend. She asked me some questions, ran some tests, and put me on a teeny, tiny dose of levothyroxine (for my thyroid). 

As she was leaving the exam room, she turned back around, peeked in the door, & chirped "Girl - we're gonna get you pregnant!".

Hope. Maybe this could actually happen.

Our soon-to-be Big Brother, with Macy's ultrasound pictures

Three weeks later, I was pregnant.


My head was in the clouds for most of Macy's pregnancy. I had some weird pregnancy symptoms, but my excitement that we were actually pregnant overshadowed all of the jaw pain and hip pain and gum pain (pregnancy gingivitis is a real thing, apparently).

Her due date came - and my 'old friend' Brenna was on call. Through 16 hours of labor, she was in & out of our room - affirming me, making small talk, and offering Jake some support, too.

Ninety minutes of pushing - and I needed Jake & Brenna for every single second of it. I was full of doubt that I could actually do this. They told me I could.

They were right - I did it. We did it.

The second Macyn was born, Brenna said "She looks just like Jake!". No truer words have ever been spoken :)

Five minutes after she was born, I told Jake that I couldn't wait to do that again. I was serious. I felt amazing. I had always questioned if I could actually deliver a baby without an epidural. It seemed like something other women could do - but was I really strong enough?

I was. We were. It was a team effort.


Fifteen months later, Jake and I decide to start trying for the next baby - fully expecting it to take us 'a while'.

It didn't. Within a few days, we were pregnant.

This pregnancy was easier than Macy's, even. I didn't have all the weird pregnancy symptoms, and I was busy. Mom to a toddler and a second grader, plus a gamut of other things on my plate...this pregnancy was over in a blink.

Heading to the hospital late at night, feeling so ready to meet our baby boy - wondering how our lives were about to change.

Loree was on call - and I saw her for just a few minutes during my 5 hours of labor. When it came time to push, she came in and said "You're the expert - just do it!".

I did it. Two big pushes and our sweet boy was in my arms.

We did it.


As I type this, all three of our kids are soundly sleeping in their beds. Each one, a gift. Each one, unique. Each one, cherished.

Without Hope, none of them would be here.

Someone delivered this baby of ours, too. Midwife - Doctor - whoever you are, we're grateful for you, too.

To The Midwives, Nurses, Ultrasound Techs, and Receptionists (yes, even you!)  -
The work you do is important. You don't just see patients, or check them in, or do exams, or run vitals, or perform ultrasounds, or deliver babies. For me, and for our family, you offered just the right amount of Hope.

Brenna & Loree - I don't think I'll ever forget the value you both gave me in Room 310 (where both our babies were born), almost exactly 2 years apart. You both gave me just what I needed. With Macy, I needed the moment-by-moment care and constant affirmation. With Silas, I just needed someone to show up and tell me to do it.

Our little family is complete (I think). Our days of 'having babies' are over - and now we are in the season of 'raising babies'. This is the season I've always looked forward to.

But without Hope, there would be no 'raising babies' season. The work you do is important.

We owe you!


One Thing I Know For Sure: Forever Grateful!

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